Tuesday, January 31, 2023



 This image explains the misery and worsening of my medical conditions that I experienced during this month of February 2023. Once again I was infected by COVID forcing me to be confined in my storage. While battling symptoms such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath on the third day I fainted in the street and ended up in a hospital. The consequences of the blow I am still suffering and are limiting my daily activities.


January 31, 2023

The circumstances and the basic shortcomings to lead a decent life have not allowed me to write on my blogs or have the courage to tell the misery that currently haunts me.

 I am living in 3 places full of uncertainty and fears:

 1- I spend the day between two storages. One is in New Jersey, I rented it when I moved to New York in 2012 to demand justice from Bank of America. Unfortunately, due to my medical conditions and changing weather, it is difficult for me to go to New Jersey storage. I have to take 8 buses round trip, each trip takes me 3 hours due to bus schedules. Also getting on and off the bus in high steps put my feet sore and swollen.

 The other storage is in New York, and I rented it on July 8, 2022. I started renting a unit in the basement. This area of the building has no signal, I couldn't use the phone or the internet, on top of that, the unit in front of mine is used as a repair shop for large appliances and there are always people in my path. I moved into a unit on the 4th floor. In this place I was harassed by a man who also rents storage.  This man would come up to me screaming, telling me that I should save gold and money to come frequently to the storage. It seemed that he lived in his unit.

 According to the manager, this client was a person fresh out of prison. I felt scared and moved into a unit on the first floor where I currently spend most of my time. Amenities at this location are minimal. In the storage there is only one plug where I can charge my computer and it is located at the entrance of the building. I have to use a ladder to connect a cable and hide behind a door, I have to get up every 8 minutes that the light sensor goes out.

2- The street. Since I don't have a place to prepare my food and I don't have a fridge to keep it, I have to walk through several places to find something to eat. When the temperature allows me to stay outside, I eat in a park since most of my meals are fast food.

 3- I sleep in a room with 6 women, we had a quiet environment until October 14, 2022, when an African American lesbian came to the room. Her attitude as a scandalous man, involved in other people's affairs and with cursing language intimidated the whole group. This woman has not only verbally attacked me, but also a 70-year-old roommate. We were both attacked for asking her to lower her high tone of voice in a phone conversation.

 One of my Hispanic roommates with whom I had a friendship of respect, and I was generous with her, decided to ally herself with the newcomer to turn the coexistence into hell. The group was forced to listen to outrageous, vulgar, and cursing conversations as well as loud phone calls, especially video calls. This woman on December 4, 2022, verbally and physically attacked me in the dark late at night. She told me repeatedly in English and Spanish to suck the "penis" of her and her mother (vulgar word used). She says: The one who speaks here the others know it and I pass it through my ass. You want ass!!! Ohoho... let it stick the finger in its own ass! Without any respect for me she shows me her butt in underwear and moves it to make fun of me.

 I've witnessed terrifying acts I never thought I'd be involved in. This woman sleeps in front of me and keeps me in shock the few hours I'm in the room. She says cursing words to me in English and Spanish, sings, dances, laughs out loud to get my attention.) The audios are of high vulgar content and could be censored if I publish them. My cell phone camera is always ready to record and have evidence of the constant mental harassment I receive daily.

My financial situation

 The economic means that I currently have do not allow me to solve my housing problems. I was receiving alimony and my ex-husband in 2020 decided to reduce it illegally leaving me financially unable to rent an apartment. He used the pandemic as an excuse and moved out of the U.S.

 Since 2019 when I tried to rent an apartment, my search became a nightmare that I am still living. I was burned by corruption, abuse and terror renting a room, exhausted all my efforts to find justice and was ignored. I screamed for help by writing to many state and federal agencies not to get to the miserable situation of living as a homeless person, and I was not heard… AND I'M STILL NOT HEARD.






Wednesday, March 30, 2022






I apologize for being too expressive in presenting my case for your consideration. I want to introduce myself to you so that you know who the person asking for help is.

 My name is Clemencia Garzon, I am a 67-year-old woman. On 1979 I came to New York City with a huge desire to live the AMERICAN DREAM. I emigrated from Colombia South America with the hope of expanding knowledge of my professional life. I was working in dactyloscopy for the Government of Colombia in the National Registry of Civil Status in Bogotá identifying people through fingerprints. I left everything behind and went through hell and beyond to make my home in the United States. I've spent my whole life working hard to keep this dream and the last years struggling to not let it fall apart. All the vicissitudes I experienced are in a book that I wrote and called BEFORE AND AFTER THE BORDER (ANTES Y DESPUÉS DEL SUEÑO AMERICANO)-

 I am proudly a citizen of the United States and believe in the Constitution that protects the rights of liberty and justice of its citizens. In 1987 I became an employee of United Jersey Bank, and then merged with Fleet Bank, Summit Bank and today is known as BANK OF AMERICA. For 21 years I performed exceptionally accruing various awards, merits, recognitions, bonuses, coaching new employees, and certifications throughout the years. I was medically discriminated by the bank, and this led to an unfair dismissal. The bank's lawyers left me on the street demanding justice and selling the story I wrote: “FOUR YEARS OF A LIVING HELL AT BANK OF AMERICA”.

 In September 2012 I returned to New York after living in New Jersey for many years. I have rented 18 rooms made in kitchens, living rooms and even in a closet. My housing survival has been harrowing and marked by abuse, sexual assault, intimidation, repression and even death threats. The miserable life I have endured living in rented rooms is the experience I am currently writing in my latest book called "PLEASE KNOW MY LIFE AMONG RATS."


Today April 14, 2022, when I was leaving my room, I found by my door a court notice that today I have a virtual conference. The tenant 2 caregiver seemed was waiting in the bathroom for me to pick it up.


Today April 14, 2022, when I was leaving my room, I found by my door a court notice that today I have a virtual conference. The tenant 2 caregiver seemed was waiting in the bathroom for me to pick it up. April 14, 2022

April 11,2022

I keep fighting for justice! today I could only see the judge, but he didn't listen to me. My former landlady brought no evidence of her claim and disguised her corruption before a mediator. My case was rescheduled for May 2, 2022.


Here are 4 pages and 232 images. 96 from the harassment I lived with my former landlady Rosa Catano and 136 from the men she left in the apartment to continue it. 60 from tenants 1, 48 from tenant 2 and 28 from tenants 3.



851 Grand Concourse

Bronx, New York 10451

                                                              ROSA CATANO vs CLEMENCIA GARZON

                                                                            Index No. SC-000966-21/BX

 My name is Clemencia Garzón, I am a 66-year-old woman asking for justice in a housing case where I have been begging for help. My former landlady, Ms. Rosa Catano, has filed a lawsuit against me for $9,600.00 in Small Claims Civil Court. I have not received copies of the evidence that support her claim. On March 21, 2021, after 6 months since she left the apartment, she handed me a letter indicating that on April 11, 2022, I have a bench trial. Ms. Catano has already sued me in a Housing Court to execute my eviction for a room she rented to me on October 17, 2019, when she got a new apartment for her and her son. Although her ex-husband was not going to live with her, he signed the apartment lease. Ms. Catano's purpose was to rent rooms so as not to pay her rent.

 Due to the pandemic the process of my eviction was delayed, and Ms. Catano took advantage of the eviction moratorium to not pay her rent. I have refused mediation for her $9,600.00 claim because this case is not just a matter of my eviction or rent arrears, it is also a matter of sexual assault, harassment, intimidation, fears for my life, and most of all physical and emotional damage for which I ask for compensation.

 Ms. Catano moved out of the apartment on September 22, 2021, without giving me a notice. She rented 2 rooms and the living room to African American men, marijuana smokers. I still don't know how many there are, nor can I recognize them. This is a small apartment without ventilation and the toxic environment that Ms. Catano has subjected me to, has deteriorated my health.  On February 28, 2022, I called 311 due to the effects produced by marijuana smoke, case #EC-00421185 for secondhand smoke - In residence. Unfortunately, these men are assigned by Ms. Catano to harass me with the smoke, and they do it daily. The bathroom has a small window, and these men close it despite my efforts to keep it open. I've asked everyone not to close it so that the bad smell comes out, but no one cares that I breathe in the smoke of marijuana.

 In March the toxic air I breathe made me go to the hospital by emergency because of an UPPER RESPIRATORY TRACT INFECTION with severe symptoms of Shortness of breath-Cough-Nasal Congestion-Sore Throat-Chills. This infection is worsening my health, I am still recovering from the sequels left to me by the Covid-19 I had in 2020. It has been hard for me to get rid of these symptoms neither follow doctor’s recommendation to stay away from smokers because these men are home day and night smoking marijuana. I have also been in the hospital due to skin infections with painful eruptions. Ms. Catano locked with a key the extra bathroom the apartment has to force me to share the toilet that is next to my room with the tenants.

 As this is a case of many fraudulent and corrupt actions from Ms. Catano, these are some of the most relevant events. All are recorded as evidence to protect myself and are in my website www.bankofamericamykiller.com

 On 17 October 2019 the super of the building at 2666 Grand Concourse Apt 3 H Bronx 10468 brought me to his friend Rosa Catano to rent a room. She had remodeled the apartment so that two cousins Clara, Ivan and I would pay her rent. She converted the living room into two bedrooms, one for herself and the other for her 13-year-old son. The fire escape ladder was blocked, the apartment was left dark and without ventilation.

 On November 16, 2019, I was sexually assaulted in my room by Ivan. The next day I informed Mrs. Catano of her cousin's action and although she believed me, she did nothing. I went to the police station, and they suggested that I go to court and file a complaint. I went to the Bronx Court to seek help, but my efforts to find justice were unsuccessful. They sent me to several offices, and no one could help me. At the Office of the District Attorneys Bronx County, I had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Grace Phillips Assistant District for child abuse and sex crimes. Ms. Phillips kept a letter with my complaint and some pictures. The pandemic started and I lost contact with her.

 In one of the visits of Mr. Raul Caba, Ms. Catano’s ex-husband to his son, I told him what Ivan did to me.  Ms. Catano became enraged with me for revealing her cousin's actions and resorted to fraudulent and criminal actions to throw me out of the house and cover her cousin sexual assault. She protected him from any legal action because of his undocumented emigrant status. However, on January 31, 2020, she confronted Ivan with me and admitted that he had attacked me sexually. Ivan's sexual harassment continued. He walked through my door half-naked just with a towel covering his intimate parts and sometimes it was about to fall down. He waited for the moment I was alone in the kitchen washing my dishes to approach me and push me into the sink. His shorts were almost in the middle of his buttocks, and he didn’t wear underpants.

 On February 25,2020, Ms. Catano and her cousin Clara Senra knocked on my door. Ms. Catano wanted to know my full name to fill out a document saying that the court had given her to file a lawsuit against me. Ms. Catano complained that her 13-year-old son was afraid because I was going to kill him and her. Clara threatened to hit me.

Mr. Caba didn’t believe his son had those feelings; I have been generous to the kid. He told me Ms. Catano was using her son as an excuse to throw me out the house. The mental manipulation and the hate that Ms. Catano has put to his son toward me, began to take effect on August 17, 2020. I was in the kitchen, and he lifted a flashlight and pointed the light at me in a clear act of hatred and threat. When I met this kid, he broke my heart seeing the miserable life he was having with an unfit mother.

 On February 29, 2020, Ms. Catano began using letters and people stating they were coming from the court to harass me with eviction, even though I had paid the month and had no rent in arrears. Although this day we made an agreement that I would wait for the court date and vacate the room with a judge's order, she continued harassing me. A woman came to my door and handed me a letter of eviction signed by Ms. Catano who said it was given by a judge and was a court order to vacate the room. This letter has letterhead from Blumberg's law products office. On March 20, 2020, Ms.  Catano used a man to hand me the same letter. I was verbally attacked by her.

On August 24, 2020, Ms. Catano brought a sofa to block the exit to the apartment and the kitchen, leaving less than a foot to pass. Walking in the dark I tripped over the couch breaking a glass jug with water and hurt my knee.  Ms. Catano chose to stay in her room talking on the phone instead of helping me. I was in bed for a week in a lot of pain, I didn’t go to the hospital, my medical insurance expired, also to avoid the Covid-19.

 The family used the smoke detector alarm to harass me, they burned food to trigger the smoke alarm. The noise, the smoke, walking in the dark and knowing that there was no way to escape terrified me. The fire escape ladder was blocked with a wall and door with a key. August 28, 2020, I was in bed with my knee in pain due to the sofa’s fall Ms. Catano triggered the fire alarm. I had to run out of my room amid the darkness and smoke and as soon as she saw me screamed at me saying: We’re burning! we’re burning! Ms. Catano removed the lamp from the ceiling leaving the hallway dark and without a way to have a light bulb. Triggering the smoke alarm became a habit and I reported it to the police. September 8, 2020, at 4 p.m. someone abruptly knocked on my door twice shouting at me that it was from the Bronx Civil Court. An unfriendly woman with an unpleasant attitude gave me an eviction letter saying that I will be notified when it will be court day. September 13, 2020, I found on the floor next to my door a card with an unused postage stamp to pretend that this was mailed to me. The note says the same as the eviction letter.

On October 1, 2020, The Fire Department removed the wall and the door that were blocking the access to the fire escape window. The coexistence became worse, we had police’s visits. Ms. Catano had to use shower curtains in the living room to continue having a room for her and her son. The cousins moved out without me noticing. On July 2, 2021, I had a fight with Mrs. Catano called the police.  She would lock me out with the chain of the apartment’s door to control my exits. Today I told her to stop traumatizing her son by having him behind shower curtains, as he is afraid that I will kill him. Next day she moved him to the room that her cousin Clara used to have. Even in this room he remained locked up and with less contact with his parents. The father stayed behind the curtains watching TV and the mother used this space to stalk me.

 On August 10, 2021, in a strange way a man named Martin appeared by my room in the middle of the darkness. He informed me that he is Ms. Catano's brother and would move into Ivan’s room which is next to mine. Ms. Catano has no brothers in the US, according to her she left her country using her ex-husband to obtain a residence in the United States. The supposed brother never moved in. On August 22, 2021, African American men began moving into the room. They made calls out loud using loudspeakers so I could hear them inform Martin about the move. They speak English and Mrs. Catano speaks only Spanish, however she escorted them when they were on the phone near my door. Their things were brought in garbage bags and had a strong musty smell, it looked like they had come from a basement. This was a rainy night due to Hurricane Henry and their belongings looked dry the same as they did. The room is still stinky and there is always someone inside, most of the time they have the light off and are careful to prevent no one from seeing it. The man who always speaks loudly when hears me coming out of my room, still doing it. I can hear him screaming, cursing, laughing just to call my attention. Due to that room being beside mine, the marijuana smoke and odors come directly to my room. There is a teenager who lives with them that always catches my attention. He walks through my door half-naked/ in underpants marking his intimate part and showing the protuberance of his nipples. On September 15, 2021, two NYPD officers came to my room and were informed of the situation that Ms. Catano had put me through. 

 On September 17, 2021, a man rented the living room surrounded by curtains. In the evening I heard him complaining and screaming loudly and I went to help him. His mother was with him, and she told me that her son had an anxiety attack. He was on the floor, I offered to take him to a hospital, but he refused to go. One hour later I was surprised when he appeared in the kitchen to scare me and grimace like the landlady's cousin used to do. Ms. Catano was in the dark hallway waiting for my reaction. On November 17,2021 around noon time, he broke the apartment’s door key. I tried to help him, but it was unsuccessful, the super came and put a new lock. All night I asked him for a copy of the key, and he told me Martin, the man in charge of renting rooms will be distributing them. Next day I had to call the police to get a copy of the key.

 On January 22, 2022, he was recording me with his cellular after I took a shower and was leaving the bathroom. This tenant only cares about enjoying his loud music to scream with the loud sound produced by the speakers. He doesn't care about the noises and the stinky marijuana that comes out under the curtains. This year started receiving assistance from the New York City Social Services. A domestic worker comes to the apartment to prepare his meals, clean his room and the area where he moves.

 September 22, 2021, Ms. Rosa Catano moved out of the apartment without giving me any notice although she told me that was taking the benefit of the eviction moratorium. She maintained a lot of cunning to hide her intentions to leave me alone with unknown men. On the same day of her moving, new tenants were renting her room. On December 3, 2021, the tenant's girlfriend put spray on my face when she showed me how she eliminated the smell of marijuana.

 I have nowhere to live, and I don't have the income to qualify for a studio-apartment. I am waiting for the two pending lawsuits that Ms. Catano has filed against me. One she is accusing me that I am going to kill her and her son, and the other for eviction. I am looking forward to the day my case is heard by a judge or jury to have justice. Thank you for your attention to my case.


                                                   Clemencia Garzon       Date: April 11, 2022