Sunday, January 31, 2021


This incident began when the landlady walked down the aisle approaching my door to curse. At one point when she said "Colombian had to be"  immediately I opened my door, and she was in the bathroom. The cousin came later to stop the fight.


OMG! I just posted the issue about the paper toilet ball and minutes later I got the first confrontation with the Landlady and her neurotic cousin.



April 12, 2021

 This is the second month waiting for answers to my landlady's demands. A provocative event of my enemies from House 18 is added to this long wait. Since I moved into this apartment, these people have put tricks in the bathroom to harass me. They throw toilet paper, toothpicks and when I take a shower, they throw water out of the bathroom for me to pick up, which I never do. Water can't come out in large amount because I always close the door and I've checked it with a piece of paper and a mop.

 On April 9, 2021, someone put a toilet paper ball beside the toilet for me to pick up, which I didn't. On April 10th at night the cousin was hysterical banging a door to get my attention. As I have said in my previous posts, my landlady takes advantage of her cousin's neurotic state to terrify me. On April 11, the paper ball was put next to my door and I kicked it against the wall. On April 12, I was alone with the landlady and she put the paper ball on my doorstep, and I kicked it again…I hope this blackmail doesn't end in a dangerous confrontation.


Sometimes it's better not to say anything about sad celebrations than to say something that means nothing to others. This picture describes what's in my mind.




 I hope my story be inspiring for those who can only afford to live in rooms. There are many people with this same housing situation, and they are silenced by greedy and abusers’ landlords. The only option the tenants have is flee and to look for another room to repeat same story. I have lived in 18 rooms; I can no longer ignore these miserable landlords and pay to be bullied.

During this month, locking up and living with mentally unbalanced people striving to bring me down made my wait for justice more distressing. I'm not giving up. The two lawsuits the landlady threatened me with and the agreement to go to court before my move out I'm going to enforce it. This family's alliance to harass me has been a daily drama that has filled with terror the pages of my last book.

The landlady was right when she warned me that her cousin has a very bad temper and no one in the family can stand her. She married only once, and her marriage lasted very little because of her neurotic state. According to the landlady, she doesn't care about her cousin’s mental health problems because she use her as security guard for her son. Now she uses her to terrify me. The nights when the cousin bangs doors or the kitchen’s wall neither the landlady nor her son leaves their room to ask what's going on. March 8, 10, 2021 she was hysterical making noises, I understood she was sending me a message to get out of the kitchen. One of my biggest fears is having a confrontation in the darkness of the hallway, last year the landlady removed the lamp from the ceiling and in case of emergency there is no light and I cannot have any evidence.

 As Wednesday and Thursday, the landlady arrives home after 10:30 pm I take the opportunity to wash my dishes at 10:10 pm. The cousin as soon as she hears me in the kitchen forces the landlady's son to turn off his light. On March 24th the boy was on the phone, the cousin made him turn off the light, but he kept talking. I assumed this caused him trouble because the next day he was silent and with the light off before I went to the kitchen. According to the landlady, the boy doesn't like the cousin for being bossy. Five minutes later, I started washing my dishes, I heard the knock on the door again. I couldn't understand why her attitude if the boy followed her orders. When I got back to my room this woman went to the kitchen and started cursing. She opened the faucet and let the water run, banging in the sink, she was hysterical. Even though I didn't know who she was mad at, this worried me. The only day in this month I saw her was March 18, when she left the water running in the bathroom tub and I was going to use it.  

Every time I walk through the kitchen and see the landlady’s ex-husband with a face of boredom and submission doing security job for his son, it breaks my heart. This man is a good father, a humble person whom the landlady ruined his family life by revenge because of an infidelity he had before the marriage. On March 3, 2021 at 3:36 p.m., I went out to throw away the trash very stealthily so as not to alert him. I was surprised to see him silently. When I got back to the apartment, he was standing waiting for me to come into my room. 


On March 6, 2021 I had to throw away trash by second time. The moment I passed through the kitchen, the landlady’s ex-husband was about to sit down and take his usual position as a security guard. When I came back, he was gone, but the light was on. He thought I would not leave my room again for the day. On March 13, as soon as I opened the apartment door, the father and son were in the kitchen, when I got inside the boy fled immediately. 


Sometimes I feel like he believes I’m going to kill his son even though he told me this was an excuse from the landlady to kick me out of the house. On March 20, around 3:40 pm he left the apartment and in less than 15 minutes was returning with a shopping bag. When I went to throw away the trash, I found him in the kitchen unloading on the counter his purchase. When I returned to the apartment in less than two minutes, he had turned off the kitchen light and was no longer there. This teenager only sees the outside light when the mother takes him to school, he is always at home locked up with a computer.  


This 14-year-old takes long baths and the father worries about drying the floor before going home. I always hear him asking his son if he's ready to get out of the bathroom for him to dry the floor. This kid not even warms up his food in the microwave. On March 31 when I went out to the supermarket they were in the kitchen. The boy was going to his room but when he saw me returned to his father. His hatred towards me doesn’t make sense since I've been generous to him. 


On March 23, 2021, the landlady and her cousin were home all day. They started cooking since the morning and the apartment became very hot and smelly. I was surprised when I came across the teenager coming out of the shower. His reaction to seeing me was anger and hatred while I was impressed by the amount of clothes he had.



It's been a month since I sent my defense to the lawsuits the landlady filed against me. I haven't received any answers yet, here are my corrupt ones. March 10, 2021




  CLEMENCIA GARZÓN (TENANT)     Bronx County Civil Court

                VS                                                1118 Grand Concourse

                                                                      Bronx, NY 10456

ROSA CATANO                                           Doc: LT-014905-20/BX

(AKA ROSA CABA) (LANDLADY)              

                                                            CERTIFICATION OF CLEMENCIA GARZÓN

                                                                        IN SUPPORT OF EVICTION

On February 4, 2021, I found on my doorstep a letter about the eviction of a room I rented from Mrs. Rosa Catano. Although the letter is an undated format, but it has the seal of the court gave me a sense of legitimacy that it comes from a court. I am thankful for the opportunity that this court is giving me to bring my case to justice. I want to report the misdeeds I have been victim by Ms. Catano and her family. This case is not only a matter of eviction is a matter of aggression sexual, persecution, constant intimidation, mental child abuse and corruption. Each of my statements is backed by images and videos that are posted on my  blog as evidence. My story is very long and I'm doing my best to summarize it with some photos. On my post MY CLEAR DEFENSE VS. THE DARK CORRUPTION OF MY LANDLADY you will find more illustrations and details.

 On June 15, 2019, I met Mr. Francisco the superintendent of a building at 2665 Grand Concourse Bronx New York 10468. I expressed him my interest in renting a studio-apartment. I told him I'd started collecting my retirement and I had a family income since 2003. He assured me that I qualified for a studio, and on top of that he said he is a personal friend of the building owner and would use his influence to help me. He informed me that by mid-July 2019, two studies would be vacant, one on the third floor (3 L) and the other on eighth. (8 M) He showed me the one on the third floor.

 Meanwhile, the super asked one of his friends, Ms. Nancy Martinez, on the seventh floor to rent me a small room she had. It looked more like a walking closet.  I paid $600.00 rent even though Ms. Martinez paid only $553.51 rent. There were 2 large rooms rented to two men. I believed in the super's promises that I would be there only for a few weeks. He charged me a $150.00 commission; we went to the bank to withdraw the money. I moved in on July 6, 2019. Three days later, he asked me for a $100.00 loan, he never gave me my money back. On August 31, 2019 Mr. Francisco told me that the studio-apartment of 3rd floor was vacated. On September 3, 2019, he said he didn't have the key and was going to break one of the locks to clean it. I called him many times and he ignored me. When I found him, he told me to wait 15 days, then said a month, that the studio would be available. The restrictions and lifestyle of Mrs. Martinez and the other two tenants terrified me, and I had no choice but to move out on September 17, 2019.  SEE EXHIBIT 1. Pictures: H16-1, 14, 16, 21

On October 17, 2019, the super brought me back to the building to another friend Ms. Rosa Catano.  He charged me $100.00 commission and Ms. Catano paid $50.00. He had remodeled the apartment 3 H so that two cousins Clara, Ivan and I would pay Ms. Catano’s rent. She turned the living room into two bedrooms one for her and the other for her 13-year-old son, the hallway became the living room with furniture. The fire escape ladder was blocked, and the apartment became very dark without ventilation. The lease is in the name of Ms. Catano and ex-husband Mr. Raúl Caba although he does not live in the apartment. SEE EXHIBIT 2. Pictures # H18-2, 15, 41,189


On the first day of my move into Ms. Rosa Catano's apartment her cousin Mrs. Clara Senra gave me a hostile welcome. I asked Clara to lend me her key to the entrance to the building while I was making my move.  Ms. Catano didn't have an extra key for me. Clara from her room said no, because she wasn't going to take the key out of her keychain. Three days later, Clara sprayed a piece of chicken that I was cooking, and I had to throw it away. She also sprayed the entire apartment to the point that it was hard for me to breathe. I spoke to Ms. Catano about her cousin's unpleasant attitude towards me. She asked me for patience because her cousin had a bad temper and her attitude was not just with me but with the whole family. Ms. Catano spoke ill to me about Clara and became my informant of her working hours so I could cook before she got home.

 My room is between Ivan’s room and the bathroom. Ivan, who is Clara's brother, usually we met in the kitchen. He knew that his sister gave me a hostile welcome, and to reassure me he told me that he didn't get along with her either. I trusted him as a housemate to overcome his sister's unpleasant attitude. On November 16, 2019 at noon time, Ivan knocked on my door asking me to check the heating in his room because was leaking. I looked at it quickly, but I didn't see water on the floor, I left his room immediately. I suggested him reporting it to the super for maintenance.

 At night Ivan came back saying he wanted to tell me something, but when his sister was in her room. Around 9 pm he showed up back, and I opened the door, he sat in a chair and I sat on the edge of my bed.  Ivan opened the meeting with a shocking and embarrassing conversation. He told me that since he came from his country more than a year ago, he hasn't had sex because he didn't have the money to date a woman. He also said that when we met in the kitchen he liked to watch if I had bra. He began to make fun at me by saying that an old lady like me can have a lot of orgasms with a 40-year-old man like him.

 Ivan wore a thin pajama and it was evident that he was not wearing underwear, the erection and movement of his penis was vulgar. I was in shock and my face blushed and he continued mockery at me by saying I was excited and ready for sex. Suddenly he came up to me to rub his penis on my arm, I could feel his sexual arousal and his intentions to rape me. I pushed him out of my body asking to leave my room. He sat down for a few minutes and then came back to me clutching my face to kiss me. He grabbed my hair too, saying it smelled good. I started walking in the room asking him to leave. Before he left, he asked me if he could masturbate in front of me. I yelled at him saying not to.

 The next day I informed Mrs. Catano of her cousin's sexual assault. She was surprised because she had chosen to rent the room to an old woman and not a young woman because she knew her cousin was a womanizer. I decided to stay in the apartment to wait for the studio that the super had promised me. Despite his corrupt actions I still kept hope of getting it and this made me believe on his word.

 I went to the police station and was suggested to go to court and file a complaint. I went to the Bronx Court to seek help, but my efforts to find justice were unsuccessful. They sent me to several offices, and no one could help me. At the Office of the District Attorneys Bronx County I had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Grace Phillips Assistant District for child abuse and sex crimes. Ms. Phillips kept a letter with my complaint and some pictures. On February 27, 2020, I wrote her a letter informing that on January 31, 2020, Ms. Catano had confronted me with the sexual harasser who admitted that he had sexually harassed me. The pandemic started and I lost contact with Ms. Philips.

 On February 7, 2020 I wrote a letter to the building management Millshan Realty Co c/o Miller and Miller 29 Locust Avenue Rye, New York 10580 Attn: Mr. Ben. I informed them about the sex attack I was victim… My name is Clemencia Garzón the person that two times asked you about the possibility of renting a studio in your building. Since June 2019 I have gone thru deception, lies, abuse, fake promises and now victim of sexual attack. This is the second room I have rented in your property being the previous one disgusting and fraudulent. I didn't get an answer.

 Ms. Catano to protect her cousins and downplay the abuse, made me her confidante to spread her family's problems and her fraudulent past. She did her best to ignore the miserable life I have with her cousins. Ivan's sexual harassment continued, and on one of Mr. Caba's visits to his son, I told him Ivan's sexual assault. On January 19, 2020 Ms. Catano was enraged with me for revealing her cousin's attempt to rape me and asked me to move out. From that moment on, she resorted to fraudulent and criminal actions to thrown me out of the apartment. Here are five of her eviction attempts.

 1-On February 25,2020, Ms. Rosa Catano and her cousin Clara Senra knocked on my door. Ms. Catano wanted to know my full name to fill out a document that she said the court had given her to file a lawsuit against me. Ms. Catano complained that her 13-year-old son was afraid because I was going to kill him and his mother. He asked the mother not to buy his birthday cake because I was going to poison it. This surprised me because this child had touched my heart for the miserable life he has, and I have been generous to him. Clara was aggressive to me and threatened to hit me. Mr. Raul Caba told me that he did not believe that his son had those thoughts, it was all an excuse from Ms. Catano to kick me out of the house.

 Ms. Catano had confessed to me that she used her son to get rid of her father. His son had witnessed constant fights, he no longer wanted to live with his father. The evil effects of Ms. Catano's mental manipulation on her son began to take effect on August 7, 2020. I was in the kitchen and he raised a flashlight and pointed the light at me in a clear act of hatred and threat. This teen needs urgent psychological attention because he is a potential danger to school and society. On February 23, 2021, he turns 14. SEE EXHIBIT 3 Pictures H18-20, 21, 206, 207


2-On February 29, 2020, a woman unknown to me came to my door to give me a letter which, according to Ms. Catano, a judge from a court had given it to her. The letter has letterhead from Blumberg's law products office and signed by Ms. Rosa Catano who insisted it was a court order. I had to vacate the room on April 16, 2020. Same day, I sent another letter to Millshan Realty Co informing them the events of February 25 and 29, 2020. Once again, I asked for attention to the matters that are taking place in the property. I didn't get an answer.

 3-March 20, 2020 Ms. Rosa Catano used a man to hand me same letter of Blumberg's law products. I was verbally attacked by Ms. Catano. (Letter attached) SEE EXHIBIT 4 Pictures H18-23,30


4-September 8, 2020 at 4 p.m. someone abruptly knocked on my door twice shouting at me that it was from the Bronx Civil Court. An unfriendly woman with an unpleasant attitude came to my door alone to give me 2 copies of a letter. This was a non-professional printed letter with a court seal and an ineligible signature that made me doubt its legitimacy. I asked her when the court date was, and she told me I was going to be notified. Ms. Catano didn't show up with the alleged court clerk. (Copies attached)

 5- September 13, 2020 Sunday, I found on the floor next to my door a card with an unused postage stamp to pretend that this was mailed to me. The note says the same thing the alleged court clerk said on September 8, 2020 (Card attached)  SEE EXHIBIT 5 Pictures H18-344,345 



 May 10, 2020 Mother's Day. A sad day because of the social distance imposed by Covid-19. My eldest son came all the way from New Jersey and brought me groceries. We saw each other through the crystals of his car. Our meeting was ruined by the harassment of Ms. Catano and former landlady Ms. Martinez of the seventh floor. These women were contacted through the Super to harass me. They were in front of me lurking and I couldn't have peace with my son. At the end of our meeting, they yelled at me calling me as I ran into the building.  My son watched me all the time. SEE EXHIBIT 6 Pictures H18-43, 44


On August 24, 2020, Ms. Catano brought a sofa to block the exit to the apartment and the kitchen, leaving less than a foot to pass. I tripped over the couch breaking a glass jug with water and hurt my knee.  Ms. Catano chose to stay in her room talking on the phone instead of helping me. I was in bed for a week and in a lot of pain. The sofa belonged to Ivan and the next day was placed in his room. SEE EXHIBIT 7 Pictures H18-273,274, 275,278



 Ivan, the sex harasser walks by my room half naked covering only his intimate parts with a towel. He takes the shower and lets the water run out on the floor and then uses a mop with the door open. He does it on purpose so I can see him when I open my door. Once he invited me to the bathroom to dry the floor. His strategy of leaving his bedroom door open to see me enter the kitchen and then appears there stealthily or listening to the bathroom door when I open or close it, made him a custodian of all my movements. The darkness of the apartment is an obstacle to my evidence and Ivan takes advantage of that. He shows up from anywhere to scare me. The distance from the encounters with Ivan has been so short that I have been afraid for my life

 I started going to the kitchen to do my dishes at 10:00 pm when no one is there. I feed myself on canned food. I realized that the moment I use the kitchen, the family comes to see me. They open the fridge and they don't take anything out, they just show me their butts. I had to change the time by 10:10 p.m. later at 10:20, 10:30, but still the few minutes I'm in the kitchen are an opportunity for them to harass me. This is Ivan's favorite time to be around me. He comes with a dish or a fruit and push me aside to wash it. Sometimes he pick up a knife that is near me and it scares me. SEE EXHIBIT 8 Pictures:H18-,74,96,98,113,170,246,247,1,3,63,78,101,102,107, 108,109,110,121,130,143,149,152,153,237,253,315,401



 On April 8, 2020, Ms. Catano triggered the fire alarm. The noise, the smoke, walking in the dark and knowing that there was no way to escape was terrifying.  SEE EXHIBIT 9 Pictures H18-34,45


On August 25, 2020 I sent a third letter to Millshan Realty Co reporting that the Fire's escape ladder is blocked by the rooms of Ms. Catano and her son. I informed them about the accident I had on August 24, 2020 due to the remodeling that Ms. Catano did in the apartment…I understand that I am not your legal tenant to make any complaints to you. Regardless of the outstanding legal issues, I'd like to ask New York City if these arrangements are allowed. Unfortunately, the public health crisis caused by Covid-19 has locked me up with these four enemies. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this matter may cause you, but I consider you should know. I had no answer.

 August 28, 2020 the landlady triggered the fire alarm. I had to run out of my room amid the darkness and smoke having lot of pain on my knee. The panic took me to the kitchen and as soon as Ms. Catano saw me screamed at me saying: We’re burning! we’re burning! She said this o terrify me. SEE EXHIBIT 10 Pictures H18-296,297


August 31, 2020 disappointed and frustrated at not having someone to listen to my concerns, I decided to write a letter to the Bronx Borough Office 1932 Arthur Avenue, 5th Floor Bronx, NY 10457. Just as the other letters sent, I didn't get an answer either.

 On September 9, 2020, for about 10 minutes, the smoke alarm was non-stop. The apartment was completely covered by smoke. One more time I ran out from my room. Ivan was banging the smoke and the alarm with a pillow but due to there is no ventilation the smoke was slow to get out. An alarmed neighbor asked what was going on. The family doesn't care if the alarm is triggered, as they don't even turn on the hallway light. SEE EXHIBIT 11 Pictures H18-349, 351


September 10, 2020 worried about bullying with the smoke alarm and not having a way to escape in case of a real fire I wrote to NYC Buildings Department Administrative Enforcement Unit (AEU) 280 Broadway, 1st Floor New York, NY  10007. To make sure my case was heard, I made a phone call and sent an email.

 September 25, 2020 Ivan triggered the smoke alarm. Once again, I had to walk amid darkness and smoke. Ms. Catano came out of her room yelling at me that the alarm wasn't my problem. She told me she owns the apartment and can do whatever she wants. I called the police to ask them not to harass me with the smoke alarm.

On October 1, 2020, finally, my complaint about the smoke alarm was heard. By order of the Fire Department, Ms. Catano had to remove the door and wall that were blocking the fire escape ladder. This made Ms. Catano use shower curtains as a door. The lock on my room was removed and this has caused me a lot of insecurity. When I leave my room, I always take a camera with me. SEE EXHIBIT 12 Pictures H18-424,425,453,455


On January 26, 2021, Ms. Catano triggered the smoke alarm again. She knows that the deafening sound of the alarm, the stinking smoke, and the darkness to walk, worries me a lot. The hallway has no light because she removed the lamp from the ceiling. When I opened the curtains to check if the fire escape ladder wasn't blocked, I found her son and more curtains. The space where he sleeps is on the edge of the hallway and very close to the curtains. When I walk down the aisle, I can feel in my feet the cold air coming out under the curtains. SEE EXHIBIT 13 Pictures H18- 912,952,954,955


My medical condition have been deteriorated. On October 5, 2019 I fell injuring the right side of my body. I went to the hospital twice due to ear and knee pain. On October 21, 2020 I went to the hospital by emergency due to extreme ear pain. On December 2020 I had the Covid-19 virus and it was a terrifying experience with a fever of 103 and cough that I could not speak, I still have difficulty breathing and some coughing.

 Since 2012 I moved to New York from New Jersey demanding justice from Bank of America where I worked for 21 years. I was a victim of medical discrimination and decided to promote my story through a book I wrote. I have lived in 18 rooms made in kitchens and living rooms. My experiences have been heartbreaking and marked by abuse, intimidation, humiliation, repression and even death threats. A summary of these experiences are in my Personal Life’s post of blog

                                                                                                DATE: February 10, 2021


My housing situation has changed significantly, although this month I had no clashes with my enemies, they are waiting for my eviction by the court. The alliance between the landlady and her cousin and the frequent speeches in low voice, always put me on alert. In the last days they have gathered in the kitchen and from my room I can hear the murmur of their voices. When I open my door to go to the bathroom, they keep silent so as not to be heard.

 February 10, 2021 when I went to throw away the trash the landlady’s ex-husband was in the kitchen with his son. The father was on a phone call that by the way I could hear him from my room because he speaks aloud. The boy was standing next to his father, seemed angry and with a scolding attitude. I was in shock when I heard the father asking his son: What's wrong?  can't I talk? Immediately the father walked away toward the zinc. It's sad that this kid doesn't appreciate his father's sacrifice by s staying in the kitchen for long hours watching his space to make sure I'm not going to kill him.


 Another day of snow... an inspiration of survival... feeding the birds with my mind hoping that one day someone will feed me with its hand.


Today I watched the snow falling outside while the problems were falling inside of me.
February 01, 2021



This was an unusual and unique month in which I only once had an encounter with the enemies I live with. Although they are always lurking in each of my movements, I was able to avoid them and overcome some tricks that the landlady intentionally left to harass me. On January 26, 2021, these evil people forced me to go out of my room and confront them. They used their effective trick of triggering the smoke alarm. They know that the deafening sound of the alarm, the stinking smoke, and the darkness to walk through a hallway without a lamp terrify me. The landlady left her cousin in charge of the argument while she pretended to ignore me. I opened the shower curtains they have as a room door to check if the escape ladder was not blocked but I couldn’t see it. The landlady divided the living room with curtains, half of plastic. I found the landlady's son and he gave me hateful looks.

 The submission in which the landlady's son lives and the mental manipulation of the family, worries me more and more every day. On February he turns 14, as a frustrated, lonely, and antisocial teenager with the idea that if anyone argues with the mother, becomes a potential killer for both of them. The hatred with which this boy is growing could become a danger to school and society. Some Sundays or when the mother leaves home, and they haven't had security, we've been left alone for several hours. I've been afraid he'll lose his mind and put his hatred on me to hurt me. He seems to firmly believe that I'm going to kill him along with his mother despite I have been generous to him. He never thanked me for all I have done for him.

 The first time I met this kid he was locked in a room. The landlady told me that her son doesn't like to go out even to get food and she had to bring it to the room. Every day I heard her cutting ice with a spoon to put it into his water bottle. To make this job easy I bought her an ice tray with small cubes. To this day she still cuts the ice and not using my gift. At night when the landlady is working Clara his cousin makes him turn off the light of his space when I go to the kitchen. I once heard him banging on the wall. On January 21, 2021 I realized that he doesn't even throw away the pizza box, one of his favorite foods. As I left the apartment, I found the father leaving the room with a pizza box and looking for a plastic bag to throw it away. Although the boy's father agreed with me that the landlady used his son to kick me out of the house, he uses extreme and unnecessary security when I'm around. I became a constant surveillance target and because of its absurd attitude I can't help but record his visits.

On January 28, 2021 was an extremely windy night with temperature below zero.  I was shocked when I went to the kitchen to wash my dishes and walked through the hallway, I felt my feet freeze. A strong wind and freezing cold was coming out underneath the curtains from the space where this teenager sleeps. In the winter the living room is very cold but on that night the cold was unbearable. The landlady sleeps beside two windows one has a small radiator that she told me it does not produce enough heating. The other is the window where the fire escape ladder is. I couldn't imagine how this kid could withstand so much cold in one night where temperatures were at 23° F and winds 32 mph. The landlady would rather be stingy and live in the dark than pay a little more on the electricity bill. I assumed that her child who sleeps in an open space is not allowed to use a heater.