Wednesday, October 14, 2020


This is an ignored housing story where tenants in need must endure abuse and intimidation of landlords that also are tenants, just by having a roof over their head.

 Waiting for a court date… basically this is my housing nightmare #18 in an album 

October 14, 2020



 Hereby I want to report the misdeeds I have been victim by Ms. ROSA CATANO and her family. This case is not only a matter of eviction is a matter of aggression sexual, persecution, constant intimidation, mental child abuse and corruption. My testimony is based on terrible facts that I have personally witnessed and have evidence to support them. (Pictures and video recordings). Also, in information given to me by Ms. Catano.

 On October 17, 2019 the super of the building at 2665 Grand Concourse Bronx, New York 10468. through corrupt actions brought me to Ms. Rosa Catano to rent one of her rooms. She had remodeled the apartment 3 H so that two cousins Clara, Ivan and I would pay her rent. She turned the living room into two bedrooms one for her and the other for her 13-year-old son, the hallway became the living room with furniture. The fire escape ladder was blocked, and the apartment is very dark without ventilation. The lease is in the name of Ms. Catano and ex-husband Mr. Raúl Caba although he does not live in the apartment.

  On November 16, 2019 I was sexually assaulted by Ivan, the next day I informed Ms. Catano what her cousin did to me. Ivan's sexual harassment continued, and on one of Mr. Caba's visits to his son, I told him Ivan's sexual assault. On January 19, 2020 Ms. Catano was enraged with me for revealing her cousin's attempt to rape me and resorted to fraudulent and criminal actions to throw me out of the apartment.

 On August 24, 2020, Ms. Catano put up a sofa blocking the exit to the apartment and the kitchen leaving less than a foot to pass. I tripped over the couch breaking a glass jug with water and hurt my knee badly keeping me in bed for a week. On August 28, 2020 with my knee in pain I had to run out of my room amid the darkness and smoke, the fire alarm was activated. As soon as Ms. Catano saw me screamed at me saying: We're burning! We're burning! She said it to terrify me. On September 9, 2020, again the smoke alarm was triggered. Ivan banged the smoke and the alarm with a pillow. On September 25, 2020 Ivan the sex stalker triggered the smoke alarm. Once again, I had to walk amid darkness and smoke. Ms. Catano came out of her room yelling at me that the alarm wasn't my problem. She told me she owns the apartment and can do whatever she wants. I told them they were using the alarm to terrorize me. She repeated to me that I have no right to give an opinion and began an argument. I called the police to report their threats of fire with the fire escape ladder blocked.

 I'm a 65-year-old woman. Since 2012 I moved to New York and have lived in 18 rooms made in kitchens and living rooms. My experiences have been heartbreaking and marked by abuse, intimidation, humiliation, repression and even death threats. I am not going to run away from the corruption of Ms. Catano and her family and thus leave her misdeeds with impunity. There are many people like Ms. Catano who rent an apartment with a co-signer to build rooms in any space, and have others pay their rent. Unfortunately, sub-tenants are people in need who are forced to endure abuse and miserable living conditions.

 I ask the court to grant me a monetary compensation for the fall and for the constant harassment I have endured. Because these facts have been linked to make my life hell, I have documented them in separate cases. I attest that my testimony is true. My story with evidence is published on my blog




This album contains only some photos and events of the hundreds that have made my life hell because of the intimidation and abuse of Ms. Rosa Catano and family



 2. ILLEGAL EVICTION’S ATTEMPTS: The harassment of Ms. Rosa Catano to evict me using alleged people and court documents.                                                                                                            

 3. CORRUPTION OF A MINOR AND THE EVIL EFFECTS OF ITS MOTHER: Ms. Catano’s son needs urgent psychological care.


 5. THE MOST RELEVANT ACTS OF HARASSMENT: PERVERTSIvan, the sex harasser walks by my room half naked covering only his intimate parts with a towel.

MISERABLE…The use of the kitchen to do my dishes is a nightmare.

 6. MS. ROSA CATANO’S ROLE AS LANDHOLDER DID NOT WORK OUT FOR HER.    New York city agencies acted to stop a new harassment with the smoke alarm.

7. THE INSECURE COHABITATION AMONG ENEMIES INCREASED. I was banned from lock my room with a key. Living in this house became a war where a camera is more useful than a weapon.

8. THE DECEPTION AND LIES OF THE SUPER (commissions and an unpaid loan)

The pandemic of Covid 19, medical conditions and the wickedness of this family have kept me locked in a room. I'm not going to rent another room; I'll try my best to find a studio apartment. The miserable life I have endured living in rented rooms led me to write my bookPLEASE KNOW MY LIFE AMONG RATS”



May 10, 2020 Mother's Day... a sad day because of the social distance imposed by Covid-19. My eldest son came all the way from New Jersey and brought me groceries. We saw each other through the crystals of his car. Our meeting was ruined by the harassment of Ms. Catano and previous landlady of house # 16. These women are in the same building contacted by the super to harass me. I couldn't have peace with my son, they were lurking at me by the entrance of the building. They screamed at me while I ran into the building.  My son kept an eye on me until I entered the building. 


On August 24, 2020, Ms. Catano brought a sofa to block the exit to the apartment and the kitchen, leaving less than a foot to pass. I tripped over the couch breaking a glass jug with water and hurt my knee.  Ms. Catano chose to stay in her room talking on the phone instead of helping me. The sofa belonged to Ivan the sex harasser and later it was placed in his room 


August 28, 2020 with my knee in pain I had to run out of my room amid the darkness and smoke, the fire alarm was activated. The panic took me to the kitchen and as soon as Ms. Catano saw me screamed at me saying: We’re burning! we’re burning! She said this o terrify me. 


September 15, 2020 In the afternoon I met Ms. Catano by the entrance of the building with a shopping cart. I let her to go first in the elevator and get into the apartment. When I opened the door of the apartment, I found her shopping cart in the hallway. She had left it on the way to go to my room, I was lucky enough to avoid it. At night as soon as I opened my door to go to the kitchen, 2 seconds later Ivan opened his door to get into the kitchen first


At any time of the day or night the apartment is very dark. This favors the family to stalk me. Sometimes I've stumbled upon Ivan the sex harasser as he specifies the moment I'm out of my room. The kitchen is always busy, Ms. Catano and cousins cook at different times and this makes the apartment be stinky. There is small window, but it is not enough to ventilate the small open area. 



On April 8, 2020, Ms. Catano triggered the fire alarm. The noise, the smoke, walking in the dark and knowing that there was no way to escape was terrifying. 


On September 9, 2020, for about 10 minutes, the smoke alarm was non-stop. The apartment was completely covered by smoke. One more time I ran out from my room. Ivan was banging the smoke and the alarm with a pillow but due to there is no ventilation the smoke was slow to get out. An alarmed neighbor asked what was going on. The family doesn't care if the alarm is triggered, as they don't even turn on the hallway light.  



 No. 1 FEBRUARY 25, 2020

Ms. Rosa Catano and her cousin Clara Senra knocked on my door. Ms Catano wanted to know my full name to fill out a document that she said was from the court to file a lawsuit against me. Ms. Catano accused me that her 13-year-old son is afraid because I'm going to kill both of them. This surprised me because this child had touched my heart for the miserable life he lives. On several occasions I have been generous to him despite the few times we have met. Ms. Catano showed me the document from distance. Clara her cousin was aggressive to me and threatened to hit me that day.

On one of her ex-husband's visits to his son he told me that he didn’t believe that his son had that murder thought, this was an excuse from Ms. Catano to throw me out of the house. Ms. Catano had confessed to me that she used her son to rid of his father. Their son had witnessed constant fights, he no longer wanted to live with his father.

FEBRUARY 25, 2020 Video translation from Spanish:

Ms. Catano: I went to court and they gave me this paper.
CG: Perfect!
Ms. Catano: I got this paper to fill it out, I need your first name and last name to put it here... My son is afraid of you.
CG: Oh, my God!
Ms. Catano: My son says...
CG: You're terrorizing him.
Ms. Catano: he says: Mommy I'm afraid of that lady, she's going to kill me and she's going to kill you.
CG: What a stupid thing! Be more afraid of a sex harasser!.be more afraid of him
Ms. Senra (Sex harasser’s Sister): - Interrupts conversation-
CG: Look! lady with you I have nothing to talk about.
Ms. Senra:: Don't raise your voice!
CG: I don't care!
Ms. Senra: Don't raise your voice!
CG: I don't care!
Ms. Senra: Don't raise your voice!
CG: What! Are you going to hit me? Hit me!
Ms. Senra: That's what you're looking for!
Ms. Catano: My son is scared, he's afraid... my son doesn't want to sleep at night. My son is very scared.
CG: Yes! More scared you must be with a sex harasser who can hurt you.
Ms. Catano: My son birthday was Sunday... And what did he tell me? That do not buy a cake for him because he didn’t want that….
CG: But you bought it for him, didn't you?
Ms. Catano: he didn't want a cake because he was afraid, you'd give him poison
CG: What a setup! 



No. 2 FEBRUARY 29, 2020

On 25 February 2020, Ms. Catano asked for my full name with the intention of bringing me another letter which she said was from the court. A woman unknown to me came to deliver it. The letter is letterheaded from Blumberg's law products office and signed by Ms. Rosa Catano who insisted it was a court order.  I had to vacate the room on April 16, 2020, this was impossible due to the Covid 19 outbreak. (Video recorded meeting)


Ms. Catano: I'm not going to fight you, it's to give you that paper
Unknown woman: It's this (shaking the paper)
CG: This isn't about the kid; the kid has feelings that I'm going to kill him and you
Ms. Catano: But Clemency hears, this paper was given to me there, has to read it.
CG: I've read it
Ms. Catano: I went to court
CG: You told me it was for the boy.
Ms. Catano: The child? No, I didn't tell you I was giving a paper about the kid.
CG: Yes, it was about the boy.
Ms. Catano: I went to court
CG: I know those papers
Ms. Catano: It doesn't matter that you know them
CG: This doesn't even have the seal of the court; you know what the court papers are like? They have the seal
Ms. Catano: That's what it says there.
CG: This you did, you signed it
Ms. Catano: But this is a copy, I can't give you the original
CG: We haven't even gone to court, because we have to go first.
Ms. Catano: I went to court
CG: But only you. I have to go; I have to defend myself
Ms. Catano: Of course, I agree that you go.
CG: I'm waiting for the court date.
Ms. Catano: That paper was given to me for me to give to you, then if you have to go you go too
CG: I'm going too. All right, we're fine. They're going to send me an appointment that I have to show up, because I don't pay rent and because I'm not leaving. When the subpoena is ready, the problem of the child, we're going to put him in there and that man's problem too. I'm going to wait for the appointment. This you did it.
Ms. Catano: No. They gave that paper to me.
CG: Yes, but the court didn't send it to me.
Ms. Catano: Yes, it was sent to you.
CG: You did it. Rosa you have to learn the legal things of this country. A court sends it with the judge's signature.
Ms. Catano: Give it to me to make it sign, it's no problem. I'll take it to him to sign it.
CG: No. It's just that it's not like that, Rosa.
Ms. Catano: I'm going to court to make him to sign it.
CG: Let's wait for the court sent me the appointment
Ms. Catano: I have the original.
CG: The problem has grown, now is involved your son. I told this to your ex-husband
Ms. Catano: It's true, my son told me.
CG: Well, he will tell the judge, he tells the psychiatrist.
Ms. Catano: That's what he said, not me.
CG: Yes. That I'm going to kill him and kill you. Wait for the court to figure that out. The boy has to see his head. Because a woman who has been so good to that child, you have noticed and witnessed that I bring him food, I help him...
Ms. Catano: Yes, I know that.
CG: How you will think... what head that kid is going to think that I'm going to kill him and you... I'm a tender grandmother.
Ms. Catano: Ma’am, but it's not me who said that, it's him. It's him, it because Monday I talked to you.
CG: I'm not going to kill your son; I'm not going to do anything to your child. I feel sorry for that child, he's such a judicious child, so tender, so calm, so resigned to standing there. You don't even hear a noise, look, that kid has my heart. Never in my mind has a bad feeling happened. He's so delicate that he infuses me and calls me love. The judge is going to help you get a psychiatrist to tell him: You. Don't be afraid of people who have loved and helped you... I've tried to help him. We'll care about this in court, let's leave it like that.
Ms. Catano: Well let's leave it like this. 

No. 3 MARCH 20, 2020
Ms. Rosa Catano used a man unknown to me to hand me same letter of Blumberg's law products. I was verbally attacked by her reminding me I have to move out of the apartment.  


CG: I am on the phone what happened?
Unknown Man: Here's this for you
CG: What happen?
Ms. Catano: He's going to give you that paper
CG: What is that? This isn't from the court; I know this isn't not from the court.
Ms. Catano: Say what you want, that paper is from the court
CG: Oh my God, ma'am, court papers aren't hand-delivered, they come by mail. The court papers are signed by the judge, this is the same thing that the other…
Ms. Catano: No. I went back to court again to say that and they say to give it to you
CG: Well, then let the court give me the appointment and we go there. Your son's appointment I need it, too.
Ms. Catano: Hear me, the date says there, there's the date
CG: Your child's important he's sick, he needs a psychiatrist
Ms. Catano: That's what I was told to show you. He's not sick.
CG: But this is the same letter
Ms. Catano: Yes, that's the same letter, but I was told to give it to you again. As you can read, I imagine you read it.
CG: Yes, if I don't go, they're going to do a court processing. That's what I'm waiting for. Do it.
Ms. Catano: They couldn't give me something new because I'm doing what they told me there.
CG: when I'm quoted in court, there we go. When the judge tells me to leave, I'm leaving.
Ms. Catano: That's where we're going to say it because that paper is from the court, not as you say
CG: This is not from the court. Well, bring me a paper from the judge's court and the court date.
Ms. Catano: The judge comes after that.
CG: Ah well, perfect I hope to be in front of the judge, let's take the problem of the child, the psychiatrist and this man's problem.
Ms. Catano: I don't have to take my son to the psychiatrist
CG: Yes. He's traumatized. He's saying I'm going to kill him, isn't he? You and him.
Ms. Catano: He's traumatized because you started arguing with me
CG: That I'm going to kill him? What a boy he's thinking I'm going to kill him. This is the same paper, I thought you were bringing something new.
Ms. Catano: It's the same paper
CG: I thought it was someone else, this one I already have
Ms. Catano: Okay, then read this one again
CG: It's the same.
Ms. Catano: the other had a glitch, if you can read, read it.
CG: This is being signed by you not the judge, this is signed by Rosa Catano not the judge. I want a paper signed by the judge. Bring it.
Ms. Catano: After this comes the judge's one.
CG: Perfect! bring me the judge’s pape

No. 4 SEPTEMBER 8, 2020

At 4 p.m. someone abruptly knocked on my door twice yelling at me that it was from the Bronx Civil Court. An unfriendly woman with an unpleasant attitude was alone in front of my door and handed me 2 copies of a letter. This was an unprofessional printed letter with a court seal and an ineligible signature. I asked her when the court date was, and she told me I'll be notified. This was obvious that Ms. Catano intended to intimidate me by not showing up with the alleged court clerk. 


No. 5 SEPTEMBER 13, 2020

Sunday, I found on the floor next to my door a card with an unused postage stamp to pretend that this was mailed to me. The note says the same thing the alleged court clerk said on September 8, 2020.  It's amazing how a landlady wants to evict to cover up a crime using letters made by her on behalf of the court. Also, involving other people. EVICTION CARD   



 The evil effects of Ms. Catano’s mental manipulation towards her son began to take effects. On August 7 at 10:35 PM I found him in the bathroom and Ivan had his door ajar. I was in the kitchen. On the way to his room he raised a lantern and pointed at me with the light in a clear act of hatred and menace.. Ms. Catano and son have their private bathroom.

The traumas and the miserable life of Ms. Catano’s son touched my heart. He spends the time after school alone, locked in his room made in the living room. When the temperatures are low, I can feel the cold air coming out under the door. The mother goes to work at 2:15 pm and returns around midnight. She works on weekends when the kid is at home. Our encounters were fleeting mostly when he arrives from school.

His greeting is "Hello" and he says it without eye contact. Sometimes the mother asks him to greet me. “Hello” is the only word I have heard from him. we have seen no more than 8 times. When I moved to the house Ms. Catano told me her son doesn’t like to get out of his room. She has to bring his food in a tray. He neither like to eat out or have fun outside. He is very demanding in feeding. The few homemade foods he eats must be chopped in small pieces, the rice and chicken can’t be white. He refuses to have drinks that are not his favorite brand. He feeds on pizza, McDonald’s nuggets, and Chicken Wings from Popeye that I've bought him several occasions with my money. One day I cooked macaroni and cheese for him and refused to take it. On 2019 Black Friday I bought in NJ a laptop for him; my son did the updates. It was the father’s Christmas gift. On 4 March 2020, I was concerned when Mr. Ivan asked the child to stay home because he would be with him. Ivan is the only one of the family who spends more time at home because of his undocumented immigration status that limits his work.

 According to Ms. Catano, her son doesn't like spending time with his father and hopes his visits will be short. He comes weekly. The child doesn't talk much and doesn’t like interacting or socializing with other people, including the family. I've seen this kid a few times after school. He doesn't even know when his cousin Clara is at home, she comes home around 7:00 pm. As soon as she comes from work, she locks herself in her room and he doesn't notice. One day he asked me if I had seen her and told him that Clara was in her room.  Ms. Catano told me that her son doesn't like her cousin because she blames him for being picky in home-cooked food.

 Ms. Catano told me she's the only one her son wants to live with. The son says that when she dies, he'll die with her. He will never marry in fear that no one will please his tastes as the mother does. His parents' quarrels and separation problems keep him locked up with no motivation to share in the outside world. Ms. Catano’s son needs urgent psychological care.


 February 10, 2021 today when I went to throw away the trash the landlady’s ex-husband was in the kitchen with his son. The father was on a phone call that by the way I hear him from my room because he speaks so loudly. The boy was standing next to his father and looked angry. I was in shock when I heard the father telling his son: What's wrong?  can't I talk? Immediately he walked away toward the zinc. At the time I remembered the landlady when she told me that her son didn't like her father's long visits. At this event I realized that the son does not appreciate the sacrifice his father makes by s staying long hours in the kitchen making sure that I will not kill him. According to the landlady, that's what he has in mind


On February 23, 2021, this teenager will be 14 years old and is useless in his duties.

 February 5, 2021 Since the father is giving extreme security to his son the kid takes advantage of him. Today he spent long time taking a bath in the tub. In one of my attempts for me to use the bathroom I met the father walking towards the bathroom; his son was leaving right at that moment. The father was having a phone conversation and it was obvious that the son had called him to escort him and to dry the bathroom floor.

January 21, 2021, Today I realized that he doesn't even throw away the pizza box, one of his favorite foods. As I left the apartment, I found the father leaving the room with a pizza box and looking for a plastic bag to throw her away.





 On the first day of my move into Ms. Rosa Catano's apartment her cousin Mrs. Clara Senra gave me a hostile welcome. I asked Clara to lend me her key to the entrance to the building while I was making my move. Ms. Catano didn't have an extra key for me. Clara from her room said no, because she wasn't going to take the key out of her keychain. Three days later, Ms. Clara sprayed a piece of chicken that I was cooking, and I had to throw it away. She also sprayed the entire apartment to the point that it was hard for me to breathe. I spoke to Mrs. Catano about her cousin's unpleasant attitude towards me and she asked me for patience to understand her cousin. Mrs. Catano, to keep me at home and convince me that Clara's bad temper was not only with me, but with the whole family, she spoke ill of her cousin. Ms. Catano became my informant of her working hours, for me to be able to cook before Clara got home.

 My room is between Mr. Ivan’s room and the bathroom. Ivan, who is Clara's brother, usually we met in the kitchen. He knew that his sister gave me a hostile welcome, and to reassure me he told me that he didn't get along with her either. I trusted him as a housemate to overcome his sister's unpleasant attitude. On November 16, 2019 at noon, Mr. Ivan knocked on my door asking me to check the heating in his room because was leaking. I looked at it quickly, but I didn't see water on the floor, I left his room immediately. I suggested him to report it the super for maintenance.

 At night Ivan came back saying he wanted to tell me something, but when his sister was in her room. Around 9 pm he came back, and I opened the door, he sat in a chair and I sat on the edge of my bed.  Mr. Ivan opened the meeting with a shocking and embarrassing conversation. He told me that since he came from his country more than a year ago, he hasn't had sex because he didn't have the money to date a woman. He also said that when we met in the kitchen he liked to watch if I had a bra. He began to make fun at me by saying that an old lady like me can have a lot of orgasms with a 40-year-old man like him

 Mr. Ivan had on a thin pajama and it was evident that he was not wearing underwear, the erection and movement of his penis was vulgar. I was in shock and my face blushed and he continued mockery at me by saying I was excited and ready for sex. Suddenly he came up to me to rub his penis on my arm, I could feel his sexual arousal and his intentions to rape me. I pushed him out of my body asking to leave my room. He sat down for a few minutes and then came back to me clutching my face to kiss me. He grabbed my hair too, saying it smelled good.  I started walking in the room telling him to leave. Before he left, he asked me if he could masturbate in front of me. I yelled at him saying not to. 

 Ms. Catano to protect her cousins and downplay the abuse, made me her confidante to spread her family's problems. She did her best to ignore the miserable life I have with her cousins. Ivan came to the United States as a tourist and decided to remain undocumented and is a man who lives as a pig. Clara is a woman who cannot hold any relationship due to her selfish life.  She told me that if I have to move out because of her cousins she would make them to pay my rent until she find another tenant. Ms. Catano also told me about her fraudulent past.


 Mrs. Catano left her country Republic Dominican with a fractured marriage. The ambition to emigrate to the United States took a new turn on her marriage. Her husband had a legal immigration status given by his father. She took advantage of this and in 2015 the whole family moved to New York. They rented a studio apartment in the same building where we're living now. This was one of the studios the super offered me (8 M). They were there for about four years struggling for their marriage to survive.

 One day Mrs. Catano showed me a family album and I could feel her revenge and anger against her husband. When their son was about 4 years old, the couple decided to get married. Mrs. Catano had heard a rumor that her fiancé had been unfaithful with the city whore, which he denied. On the day of the wedding the husband was invaded by a conscience guilty of infidelity, admitted to his wife that he did it. She told me that could never forgive him and from there their marriage has been a failure. Their son 8 years old witnessed his parents forcing a cohabitation that wanted his father out the house and she rid of him. The couple made a deal of $300.00 monthly child support.

 Ms. Rosa Catano uses the date of birth of one of her older sisters with a difference of 7 years. The father registered two daughters at the same time and the dates of birth were changed. I suggested you fix it, but she said it would be an advantage for her retirement.

 On January 31, 2020 Ms. Catano informed me that she can’t believe her cousin’s sexual assault of November 16, 2019 because she didn’t see him. She also said he’s her family and can’t throw him out of the house. Our conversation became an argument and she decided to confront us. Mr. Ivan only apologized if I thought he had disrespected me. He admitted he stood near me, touched my hair and he was without underwear. Although Ms. Catano believed he sexually attacked me and he tried to deny it, she decided to continue protecting him. This day she showed me two faces. With one face she verbally assaulted me and with the other face tried to deceive me with a false peace. 



 Ms. Catano: (talking to Mr. Ivan the sex harasser) She says I'm protecting you, because she wants 
me to like me to throw you in the street.
CG: You already threw me out.
Ms. Catano: she's accusing you
CG: What did you do? Without pajamas with the loose penis, rubbing it in my arm, grabbing on my face...
Mr. Ivan: That is a lie!
CG: Don't you disrespect me?
Mr. Ivan: Well let's say yes. I disrespected you, forgive me.
CG: But you're denying it? You didn't have underwear.
Ms. Catano: and you did such a thing?
CG: let's see... answer it!
Mr. Ivan: she was on the edge of the bed and I stuck and... I... I was talking... I touched her hair is true, but not with that aggression because you know me, you know who I am.
CG: He is denying! He doesn't have the pants to say that he did it
Mr. Ivan: I'm not denying anything
CG: Yes, you are denying it! (sex stalker approached to the kitchen counter)
Mr. Ivan: you were like this... I stuck you
CG: Yes, you stuck at me with that raised up
Mr. Ivan: Did I stuck myself?
CG: with that stuck up?
Mr. Ivan: what happens is that you... what happens is that yes, I was without underwear ... you felt it, but it wasn't that it was raised up.

Ms. Catano: Listen! Listen! If it's true… because I'm already doubting it! Do you know why I'm doubting it? By the way you act with me... because look, when you told me that he did that, I did believe you, but now I doubt already.
CG: you doubt it?
Ms. Catano: listen why I'm doubting it... by the way you're acting with me... because you've put yourself with me... you pass by, but you don't say to me even good morning
CG: you told me to leave before a tragedy happened. Remember it. Do you think he did something right with me?
Ms. Catano: Imagine that I kick him! After I left my husband. ... when I left my husband... who gave me a hand? ... it's them. So, I can't kick them, I can't throw them out, and I can't stop talking to them.
(Outside the apartment)
Ms. Catano: ok, this can be fixed if I...
CG: He's denying it.
Ms. Catano: Yes, I know. I know he is denying it.
CG: and he's going to deny it.
Ms. Catano: but, do you think this can be fixed if I tell him to move out... that he goes away?

On February 17, 2020 Ms. Catano told me she's not afraid of the court or anything, it gave me a worrying sense of what I might expect from her. (Meetings videotaped). 



 PERVERTS…Ivan, the sex harasser walks by my room half naked covering only his intimate parts with a towel. MISERABLE…The use of the kitchen to do my dishes is a nightmare.

Ivan's strategy of leaving his bedroom door open to see me enter the kitchen and then appears there stealthily or listening to the bathroom door when I open or close it, made him a custodian of all my movements. The darkness of the apartment is an obstacle to my evidence and Ivan takes advantage of that. He shows up from anywhere to scare me. The distance from the encounters with Ivan has been so short that I have been afraid for my life. He takes the shower and lets the water out on the floor and then uses a mop with the door open. He does it on purpose so I can see him when I open my door. 


July 15, 2020 when I opened my door to go out my room Ivan was in the bathroom. He seemed was in stalking position. As soon as he saw me asked if I wanted to dry the floor. I felt his invitation to enter the bathroom as another attempt to attack me sexually. I locked myself in my room


July 17, 2020 At 10:23 PM I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth at the moment I opened the bathroom door to get out, Ivan came towards me to enter the bathroom. He wore the same towel he used at 2 pm when he took his first shower.

July 18, 2020 when I was returning from the kitchen walking in the midst of darkness, Ivan came out from the bathroom. He stood by the door to show me the position of his penis through his shorts. He went inside his room. I used the bathroom for 2 minutes and to my surprise as soon as I left my room he was by my door. 

***HARASSMENT IN TWO MINUTES… SEX STALKER SWAPPED HIS PANTS FOR A TOWEL***July 25, 2020 at 10:46:19 p.m. I opened my door to go to the bathroom. It seemed that no one was around; all was dark and quiet. Suddenly Ivan came out of the bathroom just as I was going to use it.  While I decided whether to brush my teeth or wait, Ivan traded his pants for a towel that almost fell out of hand. 


August 7, 2020 the incredible persecution of Ivan also caused fear to other people. The building where we live has laundry facility in the basement which has access to the public after 9 a.m. Today at 10 a.m. I went to wash my clothes. After I left the laundry room and walked down the aisle to take the elevator, suddenly I saw Ivan walking towards me. I was afraid for my life when I saw something on his hand. He followed me to my room. Later he came down looking for me and scaring two women.



 New York city agencies acted to stop a new harassment with the smoke alarm.

 I started going to the kitchen to do my dishes at 10:00 pm when no one is there. I realized that the moment I use the kitchen, the family comes to see me. They open the fridge and they don't take anything out, they just show me their butts. I had to change the time by 10:10 p.m. later at 10:20, 10:30, but still the few minutes I'm in the kitchen are an opportunity for them to harass me. This is Ivan's favorite time to be around me.

On June 23, 2020 at 10:22:03 pm I was washing my dishes and suddenly Ivan came to the kitchen and he stood next to me. He puts his meal plate on the counter and started stroking a bottle to get my attention. Then he opened the fridge pretending he was looking for something.  


July 5, 2020 Ivan the sex stalker began harassing me at noon time by sitting on his bed stalking at me. At 10:08:09 he heard that I opened the door and left his room to scare me. I reacted by saying the word shit and he laughed at me. Later I left my room again to go to the kitchen and wash my dishes. He came up to me and opened the fridge pretending to look for something. When I got back to my room, he left his room again to scare me saying he wasn't so ugly for me to be scared of him. 


***MY NIGHT OF TERROR*** July 12, 2020 I was washing my dishes and this man appeared in the kitchen stealthily and shirtless. He put the plate of his food on the counter and opened the fridge. Suddenly he came up to me in slow motion and picked up a knife from the dish-drying rack. I panicked and barricaded myself against the wall. He opened the fridge again and pulled out a box with a cake and cut a piece. Besides of seeing this man with a knife on hand, I worried for the short distance he was in front of me. He comes in and out of the house and I don't know if he takes caution for the Covid 19. 


July 15, 2020 when I was doing my dishes Ivan came to the kitchen with a plate and a cup. He push me aside to wash it. I felt desperate for so much harassment and asked him if he couldn't wait for me to finish washing my dishes. He didn't answer and stared at me. When I left the kitchen, he was by the entrance waiting for me in the dark.

AN OBVIOUS ACT OF HARASSMENT... July 22, 2020 all day this sex stalker was home with the door open lurking from the moment I go to the bathroom or kitchen.  At 10:25 pm when I was washing my dishes he came to the kitchen, put his dinner plate on the counter and opened the fridge without taking anything. He went back to his room and brought a banana. He made me move my things to wash it. He grabbed his plate and pushed me to put his in the sink. 


July 31, 2020 as soon as I opened my door Ivan harassed me 8 seconds after. He followed me to the kitchen and showed me part of his butt. 

August 18, 2020 once again Ivan terrified me in the kitchen. At 10:32 pm the kitchen was available to wash my dishes. As soon as I opened my door Ivan opened his to be sure I had left my room. At 10:33 pm he came to the kitchen to pick up an orange from a fruit basket that was at the counter. He came up to me to pick up a knife. I had to move out of the sink so he could wash the orange. He went back to his room, sat in front of the door to see me on the way to my room. 


August 26, 2020,
I spent the day locked in my room struggling not to let my enemies see me limping. My knee didn't allow me to move easily. After 10:20 p.m. I made several attempts to wash my dishes, but Ms. Catano took ownership of the kitchen. Finally, at 10:47:53 she returned to her room and turned off the dim light in the hallway. I did my best not to trip over a glass table. Ivan had the door open. As I was about to leave the kitchen and turn off the light, I heard Clara Ms. Catano’s cousin leaving her room. It was very dark, and this caught my attention. When I got to my door, I was surprised to see her inside a closet that is in front of my room. She was on the phone texting. 


September 3, 2020 at 5:38:08 pm I left the bathroom. Six seconds later, at 5:39:04 the sex stalker left his room covering his lower parts with a towel as if he was modeling in front of me. At night, when I was able to do my dishes, he came to the kitchen pretending was on the phone. He came up to me in search of a cup. He knew that I would go back to the kitchen to collect water and chose to stay by the sink. When he finally vacated the kitchen and I tried to get in he was in the dark by the exit. This day I was able to take a picture of the sofa that caused my fall that was in his room. 


On September 12, 2020 today, I had another clear act of harassment of Ivan the sex harasser. He stayed in the kitchen for a long time to slow me down from going to do my dishes.  At 10:32:31 he was beside the zinc. When the kitchen light was off, and he wasn't there I decided to wash my dishes. At 10:40:49 I started taking the dishes out of the transport container. Suddenly, in less than a minute at 10:41:16 this wretched man appeared. He pretended to look for a glass from the cabinet above the sink. Then he turned around to look for plastic cups in the cabinet behind me. He took one out of the bag and came up to me to wash it. I asked him why he was interrupting me, and he said: You're just doing dishes. He came out of the kitchen with the glass with nothing. It's so much Ivan's harassment that from outside the apartment he can see if I'm in the kitchen. The light on makes him think I'm washing my dishes. I've seen the shadow of his feet under the door.


September 13, 2020 at 10:24:42 pm Ivan was in his room on the phone having the light on. At 10:24:47 pm when I left my room to do my dishes, 11 seconds later at 10:24:58 pm he came out of his room. I got scared and said: Shit!  he asked what??  He walked in front of me and went to the kitchen. I waited down the hallway for him to leave. He picked up the trash behind the sink which was a small amount. He looked at me and the disgusting conversation continued.

Ivan: You need to find an apartment for yourself, alone.
CG: It is not your problem (I said repeated times)
Ivan: You get annoyed if I meet you.
CG: You always do when I am here. You come to the kitchen.
Ivan: I can get into the kitchen.
CG: Yes! But why you don’t respect the minutes I am here which are 5 or 10 minutes maximum. Ivan didn’t answer me and walked away. 

September 14, 2020 in the morning I was surprised with the visit of NYC building Dept. One of the many letters I have sent finally one of them was heard, it put me on tears. The game of the landlady to scare me by activating the smoke alarm will stop, she should allow access to the escape ladder in case of fire and avoid burning food frequently.

September 17, 2020 At 10 pm Ivan the sex harasser started cleaning his room with the door opened and the bathroom light on. Around 10: 20 his light was off and as soon as I opened my door he came out of his room. at 10:27 pm when I was doing my dishes, I saw him walking outside the kitchen just to harass me. Later when I tried to get into the bathroom, he was drying the floor with a towel covering his intimidate parts.


The sex stalker triggered the smoke alarm. Once again, I had to walk amid darkness and smoke. Ms. Catano came out of her room yelling at me that the alarm wasn't my problem. She told me she owns the apartment and can do whatever she wants. I told them they were using the alarm to terrorize me. She repeated to me that I have no right to give an opinion and began an argument. Ms. Catano’s son was focus in the computer and did not pay attention to the screams. I called the police to ask the family not to harass me with the smoke alarm being that the fire escape ladder is blocked by two rooms with door and lock.

 I waited for the police outside the building. Minutes later, the sex stalker went out to hide because of his status as an undocumented immigrant. The Police suggested I report the situation to the City's Fire Department. FDNY 





 October 1, 2020 I was banned from lock my room with a key. Today two corrupt people, the super and Ms. Catano, were in front of me happy to remove the lock from my door. According to the super it was a City order. THE IRONY OF AN ILLEGAL BUSINESS. The super charged Ms. Catano for dividing the living room into two rooms and knocked them down for free. Not being able to have the door locked increases my insecurity to live with a sex harasser. This fear made me put a camera in my room and chain on the door. 


From this day on, the enmity and hostility of coexistence between enemies intensified. Three corrupt adults and a frustrated teenager consuming his family's hatred towards me. I became a problem for Ivan, the sexual harasser of being deported because of his status as an undocumented immigrant. Moreover, Rosa Catano's initial fear that there will be a possible tragic outcome between my sons and Ivan is present.



 (Commissions and an unpaid loan)


 On June 15, 2019, I met Mr. Francisco the superintendent of a building at 2665 Grand Concourse Bronx New York 10468. I expressed him my interest in renting a studio-apartment. I told him I'd started collecting my retirement and I had a family income since 2003. He assured me that I qualified for a studio, and on top of that he said he was a personal friend of the building owner and would use his influence to help me. He informed me that by mid-July 2019, two studies would be vacant, one on the third floor (3 L) and the other on eighth. (8 M) He showed me the one on the third floor.

 Meantime, the super asked to one of his friends Ms. Nancy Martinez of seventh floor to rent me a small room she had. I paid $600.00 although her rent was $553.51. There were 2 large rooms rented to two men. On the day of my move I met one of them, he said to me: this Landlady is worse than the devil." I believed the promises of the super that I would be there only for a few weeks. I paid him $150.00 commission; we went to the bank to withdraw the money. I moved on July 6, 2019. Three days later, he asked me for $100.00 loan, never pay me back.  On August 31, 2019 Mr. Francisco told me that the studio-apartment of 3rd floor was vacated. On September 3, 2019, he said he didn't have the key and was going to break one of the locks to clean it. I called him many times and he ignored me. When I found him, he told me to wait 15 days, then said a month, that the studio would be available. Mrs. Martinez's attitude terrified me. The tenant I met tried to kiss me against my will. I told the super about this event and he told Ms. Catano. I didn't tell Mrs. Martinez. I moved out of this hell on September 17th.

 On 17 October 2019, the super brought me back to the building, to Ms. Rosa Catano. She paid him $50.00 commission, I paid $100.00. Ten days later, I heard someone talking loudly inside the studio. I asked the super how the studio had been rented if the door did not have the upper lock. He said one of his friends lived there temporarily. This day he asked me for a $200.00 loan, according to him it was to complete the salary of the people who worked on the fifth floor. I ran out. The Super had informed me that on Thursdays the owner of the building visits the property. He would let me know the time of his arrival so I could talk to him and warned me not to mention his name. The super never allowed this meeting to happen, he always had an excuse to tell me that his boss didn't show up. His brother who works with him told me that their boss had come. I tried to find the owner by my own and on December 20, 2019 he broke my hopes by asking for an income of $50,000.00 and a credit score of over 700. I couldn't meet his requirement. This day the super to comfort me said that his bosses are screwing for everything, but he will talk to the owner in my favor. This didn't happen either.

 On May 16, 2020 I met the man who lives in the studio 3 L we exit the building together. On June 11, 2020 once again my feelings of helplessness were upon me. While waiting for the elevator appeared the super with a technician, they needed to enter the studio. The super’s secret tenant asked them to wait. Knowing the super's cunning for dirty business, it was obvious that he would make more money by renting it to a friend than I could pay him as a commission. The building’s owner would never find about his corrupt actions. The super connected Ms. Catano with Ms. Martinez. These women ruined my Mother’s Day by stalking and yelling at me when I met my son in his car.


 December 2, 2020 a coincidence brought me back memories of the corruption I experienced with studio apartment 3 L. When I got out of the elevator, I found two men entering furniture. I was in shock because the door still did not have the top lock and it was obvious that the apartment could not be rented legally. One of the men was in front of me and I asked him if he was moving in. The man replied yes. From that moment on, I felt that the corruption of the super continued.

 December 30, 2020, when I was waiting for the elevator, I was surprised by a new tenant moving into the studio apartment 3 L He looked like a man of African descent and did not look very friendly. He could barely manage to get his stuff into the apartment. I was about to hold the door, but because of the virus I decided not to. On December 2nd, a white man had moved in. I could only think it was another act of corruption of the building's super.