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Since 1987, I have been working for Bank of America. I started with United Jersey Bank which now after several mergers is known as Bank of America. I performed exceptionally as teller accruing various awards, merits, recognitions, bonuses, and certifications throughout the years.

For personal reason I have to relocate in Florida which I continued my employment with the bank on February 02, 2004.Unfortunately, my experience working at this state was unpleasant.  I returned to New Jersey on January 2007.

March 12, 2007 I started working for Bank of America at Ridgewood, New Jersey. I was victim of retaliation between the managers of Florida and Ridgewood.  I was medical discriminated by the manager of Ridgewood due to an injure I had on my knee and required a chair to seat while working. The manager refused to accept any medical letters not permitting me to have a chair.  My medical condition continued to worsen. I went to a right knee Arthroscopic medial Meniscectomy surgery then, a ligation division, and stripping, long Saphenous Veins on my left leg. After my disability time I was concerned to returning to work on October 20, 2008 I have no other option to leave the bank.

 November 02, 2008, it was very hard for me to apply for unemployment benefits since the bank claimed I had voluntary terminated my job. After several interviews and appeals I was approved.

October 06, 2010 I filed a lawsuit against Bank of America at SUPERIOR COURT OF NEW JERSEY PASSAIC COUNTY. I paid $ 200.00 court fees. I was on disability leave until October 19, 2008.

November 24, 2010 the lawyers of Bank of America filed Answer, Affirmative Defenses, and designation of Trial Counsel

March 07, 2011 the Superior court of New Jersey Passaic County issued a Civil Action Mediation Referral Order. The court designated as a counsel Maurice W.  McLaughlin   

 March 16, 2011 the mediator scheduled a conference call at 5:00pm. It was cancelled and rescheduled for March 29, 2011 but this day also was unsuccessful and rescheduled for March 30, 2011. I was comfortable with the mediator; he tried to help me making sure I understand the court procedures.

 March 17, 2011 I wrote a letter to Attorney Maurice W.  McLaughlin. I wanted him to know the facts of this discrimination.

April 06, 2011 I was asked by the attorneys of Bank of America to sign an authorization to obtain all my medical records. Reports, notes, diagnostic, test, invoices, statements, bills, etc between May 27, 2005 and present.

 A letter from Ridgewood Orthopedic Group dated March 31, 2008 stated: “Clemencia is here for follow up of her right knee pain. She has difficulty standing full time at work at the bank.  PLAN: Recommended trying to work more in a seat position if possible. I gave her note to this effect for her employer.”

A letter from Ridgewood Orthopedic Group dated September 05, 2008 stated: “Right knee pain. Clemencia complaints that her job at the bank is not sympathetic to her knee pain and will not let her sit while on the job. Therefore by the end of the day she complains of severe knee pain with swelling and difficulty walking and stiffness. PHYSICAL EXAM: Patient in tears, upset while explaining her job situation.”

 A letter from Ridgewood Orthopedic Group dated October 17, 2008 stated:” She is very concerned that she is going to be fired from her job. She had requested that she be allowed to sit on a stool while working as a bank teller but apparently her employer is telling her that she must stand the entire day. Also, they want her to lift and carry and bend in order to use the safe deposit boxes which she is afraid is going to aggravate her knee pain. I would recommend she try to avoid prolonged standing or significant lifting, carrying or bending as I would agree with her assessment that this most likely will aggravate her arthritis in her knee.”

 April 15, 2011 the court granted a motion to admit attorney Barbara J Parker PRO HAC VICE from Massachusetts.

 April 29, 2011 the law offices of EDWARDS ANGELL PALMER & DODGE at Madison, New Jersey held a deposition thru the entire day. I received a condensed copy from the Superior Court of New Jersey Law Division Passaic County showing 228 pages come up.

 The deposition was a complete invasion of my life. I was asked for my son’s life, the education I had in Colombia my home country. They asked for information I could not recall such as school address, and dates. The attorneys brought issues relative to Florida employment, including the incident of my fall.

They asked for my new employment information such as the name of the manager, address, telephones numbers etc. I refused to answer in fear of they might contact them to jeopardize my job. I just said I work for TD Bank.

The lawyers were interested on  my  book “Antes y Después del Sueño Americano, they asked: In that book, the main character I believe came to United States illegally through Mexico…Is that how you came to the United States? “My answer was: Okay, why it has to do that in this case? I was harassed by this topic and refused to answer their questions about my book.

Repeatedly I was asked how I came to US. My immigration status was one of their main concerns, they insisted to know if I was entered illegally to US.

I told them I am an American Citizen since February 11, 1988. Due to their harassment regarding this matter I refused to answerer their questions saying all these issues belonged to Immigration’s officers. I was threatened by the lawyers saying they will report to court my negative to answer these questions.

 May 25, 2011 I received a copy of a declaration made by Robert M Drozynski Senior Vice President Project manager Pay services from Bank of America stating that I was terminated my employment with the bank on January 16, 2009 after failing to return from a leave absence on October 20, 2008. This absence was a legal medical disability.

May 26, 2011 the attorneys for Bank of America removed my case from a Civil Court to a Federal Court UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT OF NJ.

July 08, 2011 the attorneys of bank of America filed an affidavit in support of Motion to Seal the case to protect my privacy due to the personal information I have provided. It was like more to prevent a negative publicity against the bank.

 December 16, 2011 the attorneys of Bank of America filed a Joint Status Report. Most of the Bank of America indications I did not agree. They have not engaged in settlement negotiations. They denied my allegations.

December 20, 2011 I had a telephone conference with Magistrate Judge Michael A. Hammer. Ms Barbara Parker attorney of Bank of America wanted to dismiss my case stating I had refused to give them information they requested. I told the judge that the information they were asking has nothing to do with the discrimination I went through. The judge rescheduled a hearing, a settlement conference was set for February 16, 2012 but the lawyers of Bank of America moved to February 23, 2012 which later on, they moved to February 24, 2012. The judge did not want anymore change of dates. I had perceived some kind of support from the judge to my case.

January 25, 2012 I wrote a letter to Judge Michael Hammer telling my frustration and agony that I currently living, it goes back to 2004 while I worked at Bank of America Florida. I enclosed the letter I sent to the manager of Ridgewood on September 08, 2008 also two medical letters.

February 24, 2012 I have the opportunity to see a judge by the first time of my case. La Sra Barbara Parker attempted to dismiss my case stating I had filed the claim after two years statute of limitation. The dead line for the bank was October 05, 2010 and I did it on October 06, 2010. My last day of employment with Bank of America was October 19, 2008. They brought Mrs. Michelle Soto the assistant manager of Ridgewood as a bank representative.

  Also Mrs. Barbara Parker stated that I was negligent to answer their question about my new job information. Judge Michael Hammer asked me why I have not provided the information. I told him I was afraid they would involve my new employment with the case I have with Bank of America. The judge asked Ms Barbara Parker why she wants to know the name of my current manager, address and phone numbers. Her answer was she just wanted to keep it on their records. Ms Parker said she won’t contact my employment. I did not trust the lawyer and I begged to the judge not to force me to give to her this information but he ordered me to provide it.

This day the judge issued a scheduling orderThe paragraph 9 said: A final pre trial order, incorporating the written submissions of all parties, shall be filed on or after July 23, 2012. The judge had given me a hope of justice. He was concerned I understand the court rules and advised me to go to the internet and look for Federal rule 26.  At the end of the conference he looked at me saying he can see I am suffering from lot of emotional damages, and the court could decide how much compensation I might be granted. By the end of February I received a copy of directory of federal court guidelines questionnaire

February 27, 2012 I sent a letter to Ms. Barbara Parker providing the name of my current manager, address and telephone numbers.

March 05, 2012 I sent to the court a certification of CONTINUE EMOTIONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL DISTRESS. This was a chronology of my anguish since I left Bank of America.

March 06, 2012I received documentation that the attorneys of Bank of America had sent to TD Bank asking for information regarding my employment. They enclosed a Notice of Subpoena to obtain all my records. A letter dated March 8, 2012 had 9 attachments. This dirty action had impacted me tremendously.

I receive copy of Bank of America Rule 26a initial disclosures stating the manager Laura Misha and her assistant Michelle Soto will be their witness.

March 9, 2012 I had a meeting with my current manager, I feel obligated to explain the situation I have with Bank of America. My manager had forwarded the documents to the legal department of TD Bank. Ms. Barbara Parker jeopardized my position at the bank; she also caused much humiliation and put at risk my employment at TD Bank. I was in shock and sadden.

 March 12, 2012 I wrote a letter to Judge Michael Hammer. This in reference the court date of February 24, 2012 that Ms. Barbara Parker attorney for Bank of America requested information about my new employment.  Ms. Barbara Parker misleading explained to me and the court she needed my employment information for her records and denied any desire of contacting my current manager. Her words in court were not truthful; she deceived the court and me.

 April 02, 2012 the agony of being humiliated was devastating my life. I went thru a nervous breakdown and I had to see my personal doctor. I was medicated and recommended to stay at home for three days.

April 17, 2012 I wrote a letter to Judge Michael Hammer. I informed him since my job at TD bank was involved I started having problems at work. I was requested by the manager to provide him medical letters in order to keep the chair I used to have since I started working for TD bank. I felt in disadvantage of fighting again for a chair. Repeatedly I had expressed to my manager my frustration going thru Human Resources just to beg for a chair. He knew my medical conditions since I had provided him information about the situation with Bank of America. Feeling hopeless I decided to leave my job at TD bank.

April 23, 2012 I wrote a letter to Judge Hammer enclosing documentation that TD bank sent to Bank of America. I was distraught and violated for this deep intrusion that the lawyers of Bank of America are doing to my personal, medical and professional life. This feels more like a persecution now than an investigation. I enclosed 100 pages of my employment records.

May 22, 2012 I wrote to Judge Michael Hammer informing him the electronic response I sent to the lawyers of Bank of America regarding Final judgment.

 July 06, 2012 I was frightened when I received from Judge Faith S Hochberg an Opinion & Order granting Bank of America Motion for Summary Judgment and closing my case on July 02, 2012.  I expected to follow the scheduling order made by Judge Michael Hammer that on July 23, 2012 a final pretrial order shall be filed. The statement that the lawyers had submitted was untrue

July 06, 2012 I wrote to Judge Michael Hammer asking for his help. I have not had an opportunity to represent myself; the Judge Hochberg has not given me the chance to see him in court.  I informed him I wrote a book “Four years of a living hell at Bank of America.” On tears, I went personally to the court to give him this letter. I could not see the judge but a clerk looked up the doc number and informed me that a Superior Judge closed my case but, Judge Michael Hammer still has it opened.  This has given me a piece of mind to go back home.

July 16, 2012 I haven’t received any response from Judge Michael Hammer. Feeling devastated and worried about the closing of my case I decided to go back to the court and give to him a copy of my book “Four years of a living hell at Bank of America”

 Finally July 18, 2012 I received a letter from Judge Michael Hammer informing me the court has granted Bank of America Motion for Summary Judgment on July 02, 2012 and my case is closed. Accordingly the court is returning my book and will take no further action.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The lawyers went digging on personal, medical and professional life to get rid of me. The American justice has failed on me.

Bank of America and their lawyers had put me in a difficult choice to continue the miserable life they had put me through. I begged the court for justice but the power of the lawyers made a judge to close my case without giving me the opportunity to defend myself.

They went to a new judge to close my case.

Bank of America lawyers can lie to the court, can deceive a judge and can foolish on me. The made me to lose my job ant it was ignored by the court.

April 23, 2012
Michael A. Hammer U.S.M.J.
US District Court for the District of New Jersey
Martin Luther King Building and US Court House
50 Walnut St.
Newark, New Jersey 07101

                                                            Re: Clemencia Garzon vs. Bank of America 
                                                            Case Number: 2:11-cv-03061-FSH -MAH
Honorable Judge Hammer:
Attached please find my employment records that TD Bank has sent to Mrs. Barbara Parker the attorney from Bank of America. This is in clear violation of the agreement done in court stipulating that she would not contact my job or manager at my new employment.
 I am feeling distraught and violated for this deep intrusion that the lawyers of Bank of America are doing to my personal, medical and professional life. This feels more like a persecution now than an investigation. At this current moment I am unemployed, and living in constant agony to find another job where this attorney will not get involved with jeopardizing my employment seeking efforts.

I would like the court's assistance in settling this case as soon as possible so I can finally go on with my life.


Clemencia Garzon

Enclosed: 100 pages

Sunday, July 15, 2012


September 08, 2008

Mrs. Laura Misha
Bank of America
54 E Ridgewood Ave
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Dear Mrs. Misha:

Since the beginning of my work at your bank, I have faced discrimination and retaliation that I can no longer put up with.

You know that I suffer from a very serious disability that limits me.  I am attaching copies of some of the medical records.  You may not understand or relate to what it is like to live with a medical disability.  It is terrible.  I wake up with pain and go through the day in pain.  I have a history of varicose veins, venous insufficiency and many surgical procedures.  I tried to give you the doctor’s note on January 30, 2008 but you refused to see it.  My doctor mailed you this note asking the very modest request of being able to sit and avoid prolonged standing.  On March 31, 2008, I have a letter from Ridgewood Orthopedic that I tried to offer you but you do not want to see it.

 Despite knowing about these medical records and realizing my very small requests, you have been very brutal in refusing to allow me any accommodation, and refusing to even accept my doctor’s notes which I offered you.  You made me stand and took away all my seniority in March 2007 despite I started working for Fleet Bank and then Bank of America since 1987.  You also reduced my vacation time.

Because of your treatment, my medical condition continued to worsen.  I am made to stand all day and have had more difficulty stepping up and down.  My supervisor, Mohammed Karik, told me that if the District Manager, saw me seated, he would kick me off the chair.  You did not want to accept my medical letters requesting accommodation.

Of course, you also told me that you did not want to give me any assistance because this is a bank policy.  On January 19, 2008, you public ally reprimanded me in front of all customers for sitting.  This was incredibly humiliating.  I was dealing with unbearable pain from prolonged standing.  You did not want to hear about my medical condition or discuss accommodations with me.

After several plead to allowing me to seat and my excruciating pain was unbearable you finally told me that I could sit.  However, you told me that I had to ask the customer if they did not mind me sitting. This was very embarrassing to me.  You made me do this on purpose to embarrass me.

 You would single me out to assist customers with safe deposit boxes which some are located in high areas and required ladders.  On June 6, 2008, you demanded that I shut the vault door without any assistance.  The door is huge.  I tried and could not budge it.  Your assistant manager Mrs. Michelle Soto continued to tell me to do it and berated and yelled at me. I could not do it and you refused to allow people to help me.

I then refused to do it because it was hurting me so much.  You then made me park about 3 blocks away from the bank instead of next to bank where you used to let me park after I returned to work from surgery of October 04, 2007.  I have pictures of where you made me park.

On August 14, 2008, I had to thus take off from work to have surgery on August 15, 2008.  This was because of the impact of all you did while I was at work. I am sending you the insurance form and the doctor’s notes.

I called you on August 22, 2008 to inform you I will be out of work until 9/15/08.  This has now been extended to October 20, 2008 so that I could go through rehabilitation as there is instability and swelling in my right knee.

 I am very concerned about returning to work on October 20, 2008.  You have been very abusive and retaliatory of me due to my disability.  I am requesting a sit down meeting to discuss this and get to a fair resolution.  I feel that due to your treatment, I cannot continue working for the bank.  Therefore, I would like to talk about a fair package so that I can go on with my life.

 Please let me know your thoughts within five (5) days.  I am very anxious to hear from you as I feel that what you have done to me is wrong and in violation of the laws of this State and Country.  Please mail or email me your response.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Thanks to Editorial Antropos in Bogota Colombia for your effort and dedication editing and shipping my book. You have given me a good sense of human warmth. You left your heart in every page. Your fingerprint will remain forever in my life.


After a long wait full of anguish and concern for the 21 days of shipment processing, on October10, 2012 I finally got my books. I rented a truck and went to the Kennedy Airport to pick them up. My heart was beating very fast; I felt they were bringing me oxygen to survive. I just bent my knees to give thanks to: First to God for allowing me to achieve this goal, second to the Publisher Antropos  in Bogotá Colombia for giving me their heart and  dedication. They make possible my story be printed on ink and paper, third to the credit cards that permitted me to finance the cost.

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2004 to 2008

Writing FOUR YEARS OF A LIVING HELL AT BANK OF AMERICA is like I am a million miles away from myself, is like I am living a hell twice with a nameless ill.  Bank of America brings me nothing but frustration and this is leading me into a great desolation. I am devastated living in a hell, the only thing that I do is time, while waiting for justice.  I'm hurting so bad that I choose emptiness instead of the possibility of the pain watching my life ruined by Bank of America.

 It seems impossible to get over the memories I had with Bank of America, my heart is left with a big hole. I had been hiding my tears behind this broken heart. No matter how far I run, I'll never be able to run far enough to get away from the memories that Bank of America have left me with. I've been pushed down so many times, I try to block out these memories as much as I can, but they creep through and I fall apart all over again.
My son, the soldier will fight long and hard for a ribbon. I will fight the rest of my life for justice. War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest. Being discriminated could kill a person feeling with cruelty and it can be the ugliest. When you lose something it always stays with you, reminding you how easy it is to get hurt again.

 These four years of employment at Bank of America had killed my dreams of being a successful bank’s employee. I spend my whole life working hard to fulfill this dream. The management of Bank of America had thrown a difficult choice into my life playing dirty on me, this is the reason I am dedicating this story to all of them.
 Tears are the words that my heart uses to help me write FOUR YEARS OF A LIVING HELL AT BANK OF AMERICA.

 To my sons Victor, Daniel and Kevin: You have left my home but never my heart.  With special thanks to my son Victor who help me to write this story.


 YEAR 2004

January 23, 2004 “Welcome to bank of America! We are looking forward to your joining our team. This letter will confirm our offer to join our Banking Center Team in Washington Park FloridaWe believe this is not only a great company to work for, but that it is a company that works for you”.

This is the introduction of the welcome letter I received from the staff of Bank of America in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. My first interview took place at the same office I was designated to work. It was conducted by the branch’s assistant manager Mrs. Catty Anderson who was in charge new hire tellers. My first impression of her was quite poor. Her conversation contained an argumentative tone and her arrogant questions were unprofessional.

 Every day she uses to single out an employee to make his life miserable. The banking center where I was hired to work was a living nightmare. Mrs. Anderson always took advantage of her assistant manager position. In several times she had obligated me to process illegal transactions for his friends.
We had to hear disgusting conversations regarding dating customer behind her husband. Her personal life was public and it was immoral. Maria Lopez, who had the most seniority, comes up to me with a plan to go against the Mrs. Anderson. She wrote a letter addressed the bank’s headquarters reporting the manager of incompetence in lead the employees.

The manager Mr. Kevin Haim was a young man who had been recently promoted to this position. His inexperience and being new at this location contributed to Mrs. Anderson taking advantage of him. He could not cope with the hostile situations created by his assistant. One day it was my day off and I used this time to go to the Motor Vehicles to change my driver’s license. The office was crowded that day. I took the opportunity to bring business to the bank.  Later on Mr. Haim at a recognition event had me rewarded with a plaque that nominated me as an Ambassador of the bank.

A new manager was designated to work at the office Mr. Carlos Castro. He had no banking experience and Mrs. Anderson his assistant took advantage of that.

One day during my lunch break I asked him for help to become a full time employee. He made me feel more miserable with his comments. He suggested to me that I leave the bank and find a job as a waitress in a restaurant this way I will earn more money or look for a man to resolve my financial problems. He invited me to join his church to take advantage of a divorce club they are running.

 As per the needs of the Banking Center I had worked more than the required hours that I was hire for. This allowed me to work as a full time without the benefit of the position. When I reviewed my time sheet I always found discrepancies on the hours I worked.

YEAR 2005

It was difficult for me to have a transfer to another branch. I tried to get in touch with Human Resources and this was impossible. All my attempts to find a decent place to work were unsuccessful. I went to a job Interview at a new branch.  I was surprised about the true reason I could not get the position. The comments from other employee saying that ethnic race was very important to the manager of that particular banking center. It was considered a high class location.

 My professional life at Washington Park banking center had no purpose or dignity, on top of that I was completely ignored by the management. I heard from a coworker that my supervisor wanted to short my hours due to the letter I had sent to the Manager. It had been obvious that revenge was taken against me.

Cooper City office needs a teller for two weeks. The assistant manager Mrs. Anderson picked a person she did not like to send and it and was me. This was a gift for me; I did enjoy working at this banking center.

I have another opportunity to cover a vacation time at the Sawgrass branch. This office was located North at Sunrise. At once I noticed that it was a location far away from home, but the desperation I had was enough for me not to care about distance. Anything was better than the hell at the Washington Park office. Later, I did not know where I will be going. The only solution I found out of desperation was going back to Cooper City and asking for help. I knew they always been short staffed. May 09, 2005 I started a new life in Cooper City. Due to the hours I work I considered the option to look for a full time position. This was my goal since I had started working for the bank. I went to Pembroke Pines office.  July 18, 2005 was a day that I called “A dream becomes true”.  I got the full time position. As soon I get in to the office I received an unpleasant impression. The tellers’ stations were a mess, the supervisor had ignored me.

 When the supervisor started settling me in the computer she had found that my home state was New Jersey. Suddenly she got up from the chair and started screaming while holding her head. I was scared at that moment; I thought something terrible had come up from New Jersey that damaged my record. She refused to talk to me about her findings.

I called one of my former coworker from New Jersey.  When I told her about the supervisor attitude towards me, my friend could not believe what she was hearing from me. She said the supervisor was the person who had replaced me when I left Bergenfield NJ. She sat at my former station and got very irritated when customers asked her for me. She always complained when people told her they missed me. She always asked my friend questions about who I was and she confessed her hate towards me although she had never had met me. This was an incredible yet most unfortunate coincidence. I went back to Cooper City.

YEAR 2006

Cooper City hired a new supervisor. This lady was the everyday gossip, because her troubled life style. I was carefully when she transfer money; she had short me in two different transactions.
 I missed my family and coworkers in New Jersey. My middle son had finished high school in Florida and moved back to New Jersey. My youngest son was unhappy living far away from his family and friends. Having a part time job helped me change my mind about returning to New Jersey.

On July 12 2006  I decided to sell my house. I verbally informed the assistant manager Mrs. Jasmine Arango my intentions to move back to New Jersey.
On August 09, 2006, while on my lunch time from work I went to a Supermarket located at the same shopping center as the bank in Cooper City. While shopping I slipped and fell. I hurt my knee, ankle and back, an ambulance took me to the hospital. Mrs. Jasmine Arango called me to find out when I would be able to return to work. She had given me four days off to recovery and return to work.  Eventually, I started receiving correspondence from my medical insurance claiming that they were unable to pay any medical bills since this was an accident, not a medical condition.

A coworker had recommended me her lawyer. Having legal assistance would help me in recovering the expenses needed to in order to be treated medically. Upon my return to work, Mrs. Arango advised me against suing the Supermarket due to the fact that this would produce a negative image for the bank. This company had business with the bank and so it would not be convenient for an employee to sue them. Mrs. Jasmine Arango had shocked me. I already had signed the lawyer’s papers. She was following very closely how I was managing the case without a lawyer.

On September 01, I was called in by her.  She handles me a letter that she had received from my lawyer requesting a wage and salary verification. This information was supposed to be forwarded to Human Resources, but she had decided to keep it and talk to me before she filled it out. The mistake that the attorney had committed was sending this form to my office instead of Human Resources since had caused a hectic situation with my employment at Cooper City. My life became a hell, I was involved in missing money and no one cared.

From this moment on my relation with the management had changed significantly. I had to stop going to therapy or seeing any doctor regarding the medical conditions of my knee and ankle. As a consequence of that decision the lawyer dropped my case. My priority was to prevent the assistant manager from sending any negative comments to New Jersey where I had planned to continue my employment with Bank of America.

YEAR 2007

Worried for the injury I had sustained on my knee and knowing that it needed to be treated with surgical procedure I sought out another lawyer. This way I can be medical treated in New Jersey. On January 27, 2007 I returned to New Jersey. The cold weather had great impact on my knee. I had to take pain killers.

On March 12, 2007 I was hired full time teller at Ridgewood office. During the first two weeks I was eager to help the customers and coworkers. I tried to give some motivation to the uneager teller line by greeting the customers with a Welcome to the bank. From  my starting date March 12, 2007 to March 30, 2007 working 15 days I had the accrued the most volume of transactions 1,763. The second most was a nice girl named Liana she done 1,681. The manager Mrs. Leona Micah and the supervisor Mr.Mohammed Karuk were happy with me.

By the end of March, I received a call from Cooper City  in Florida. To my surprise was Rosa Petros. She told me that ever since I had left Florida she had been looking for me almost every day in the New Jersey directory. I saw no reason for her to worry about me since our relationship had a bitter ending.

The following week the Ridgewood manager Mrs. Leona Micah called me into her office. I just went in shock and disbelief when she told me the assistant manager from Cooper City Florida, Mrs. Jasmine Arango had send a letter with all my records and issues that I had in her office. This documentation never supposed to leave Cooper City.  Mrs. Arango wanted to jeopardize my employment in New Jersey. I had to explain to Mrs. Micah the need I had to sue the supermarket which had led me to break the promise I had made with the assistant manager in Florida. I had to struggle to convince her about my honesty. Her face was showing me that she was exasperated over the package she had just received. Finally, she told me she would keep it for further reference.

The manager had advised me that I could not sit while working since it was against bank policy. I told her I had sustained a knee injured in addition other problems with previous surgeries in my legs which had to do with varicose veins. She had denied my petition to sit while working and did not want to see any medical letters. She took away my seniority with the bank saying her branch can’t afford to pay me as a Senior Teller. My vacation time was reduced.

The supervisor, told me that if the District Manager, saw me seated, he would kick me off the chair.  I was designated to open the bank by 7:45am. I was not allowed to park my car by the building. I had to wait for the other party standing outside under the inclement weather.

On October 04, 2007 I had a s Arthroscopic partial medal Meniscetomy on the right knee. On November 19, 2007 I had to come back to work. The manager’s abuse never stop, she always reminded me that she was keeping confidential the information she had about me. At Christmas I gave to each of my coworkers a copy of my book Before and After the Border including the manager.

YEAR 2008

The cold weather had a tremendous impact on the knee of my surgery.  Most of the time when I was standing I would put my weight on the left leg in order to relieve the pain in my right knee. This pressure would affect my varicose veins. At the end of the day both legs hurt me. I tried to talk to the manager Mrs. Leona Micah about letting me sit, but she refused to talk to me about my request or to see a doctor’s letter that I had. . Many times in tears showed Mrs. Micah my swollen knee, ankle and veins. She simply did not care. No matter how hard begged her for consideration she would not pay any attention to my pain.

 Every month I reviewed the Teller Performance Report. For the month of January I had the most number of transactions which was 2,736 in 21 days with balance accuracy of 100%. The second teller had 1,880 in 21 days with 95.24% balance accuracy.  This achievement made me proud for being a productive person to the bank despite the hostile work environment I had to endure.

The manager had single me out to assist customers with safe deposit boxes which some are located in high areas and required ladders. On a Friday I was supposed to leave by two o’clock to avoid working over time. . The assistant manager made me stay until 6:20 PM. I worked 9:45 hours and was paid only for 5:45. This same situation was repeated a day I went to the hospital and my sick time made me over time.

 The new supervisor had asked me to lend her $ 500.00 to pay her rent since she was having financial problems.  I could not give it her money, from that day on; I become an unpleasant person for her. She had had joined the management in their spiteful attitude against me. On June 6, 2008, the manager demanded that I shut the vault door without any assistance.  The door was huge.  I tried and could not cope it. The assistant manager continued to tell me to do it and berated and yelled at me. In revenge I was not allowed to park my car by the building where one time the manager let me do it after I returned from surgery.

 On August 15, I had varicose veins surgery. One day while I was walking my right knee twisted upon itself. I went back to the orthopedic doctor who had performed the surgery. It was swollen and I was in a lot of pain. The doctor gave me medication and sent me back to the physical therapy. He also had given me a letter advising me that I must remain out of work until October 20, 2008.
I tried to have a legal advice from an attorney. I paid him $300.00 for consultation and he did not care about my case because his good relations with the bank.

It was very hard for me to apply for unemployment benefits since the bank claimed I had voluntary terminated my job. After several interviews and appeals I was approved.