Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The lawyers went digging on personal, medical and professional life to get rid of me. The American justice has failed on me.

Bank of America and their lawyers had put me in a difficult choice to continue the miserable life they had put me through. I begged the court for justice but the power of the lawyers made a judge to close my case without giving me the opportunity to defend myself.

They went to a new judge to close my case.

Bank of America lawyers can lie to the court, can deceive a judge and can foolish on me. The made me to lose my job ant it was ignored by the court.

April 23, 2012
Michael A. Hammer U.S.M.J.
US District Court for the District of New Jersey
Martin Luther King Building and US Court House
50 Walnut St.
Newark, New Jersey 07101

                                                            Re: Clemencia Garzon vs. Bank of America 
                                                            Case Number: 2:11-cv-03061-FSH -MAH
Honorable Judge Hammer:
Attached please find my employment records that TD Bank has sent to Mrs. Barbara Parker the attorney from Bank of America. This is in clear violation of the agreement done in court stipulating that she would not contact my job or manager at my new employment.
 I am feeling distraught and violated for this deep intrusion that the lawyers of Bank of America are doing to my personal, medical and professional life. This feels more like a persecution now than an investigation. At this current moment I am unemployed, and living in constant agony to find another job where this attorney will not get involved with jeopardizing my employment seeking efforts.

I would like the court's assistance in settling this case as soon as possible so I can finally go on with my life.


Clemencia Garzon

Enclosed: 100 pages

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