Tuesday, January 31, 2023



 This image explains the misery and worsening of my medical conditions that I experienced during this month of February 2023. Once again I was infected by COVID forcing me to be confined in my storage. While battling symptoms such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath on the third day I fainted in the street and ended up in a hospital. The consequences of the blow I am still suffering and are limiting my daily activities.


January 31, 2023

The circumstances and the basic shortcomings to lead a decent life have not allowed me to write on my blogs or have the courage to tell the misery that currently haunts me.

 I am living in 3 places full of uncertainty and fears:

 1- I spend the day between two storages. One is in New Jersey, I rented it when I moved to New York in 2012 to demand justice from Bank of America. Unfortunately, due to my medical conditions and changing weather, it is difficult for me to go to New Jersey storage. I have to take 8 buses round trip, each trip takes me 3 hours due to bus schedules. Also getting on and off the bus in high steps put my feet sore and swollen.

 The other storage is in New York, and I rented it on July 8, 2022. I started renting a unit in the basement. This area of the building has no signal, I couldn't use the phone or the internet, on top of that, the unit in front of mine is used as a repair shop for large appliances and there are always people in my path. I moved into a unit on the 4th floor. In this place I was harassed by a man who also rents storage.  This man would come up to me screaming, telling me that I should save gold and money to come frequently to the storage. It seemed that he lived in his unit.

 According to the manager, this client was a person fresh out of prison. I felt scared and moved into a unit on the first floor where I currently spend most of my time. Amenities at this location are minimal. In the storage there is only one plug where I can charge my computer and it is located at the entrance of the building. I have to use a ladder to connect a cable and hide behind a door, I have to get up every 8 minutes that the light sensor goes out.

2- The street. Since I don't have a place to prepare my food and I don't have a fridge to keep it, I have to walk through several places to find something to eat. When the temperature allows me to stay outside, I eat in a park since most of my meals are fast food.

 3- I sleep in a room with 6 women, we had a quiet environment until October 14, 2022, when an African American lesbian came to the room. Her attitude as a scandalous man, involved in other people's affairs and with cursing language intimidated the whole group. This woman has not only verbally attacked me, but also a 70-year-old roommate. We were both attacked for asking her to lower her high tone of voice in a phone conversation.

 One of my Hispanic roommates with whom I had a friendship of respect, and I was generous with her, decided to ally herself with the newcomer to turn the coexistence into hell. The group was forced to listen to outrageous, vulgar, and cursing conversations as well as loud phone calls, especially video calls. This woman on December 4, 2022, verbally and physically attacked me in the dark late at night. She told me repeatedly in English and Spanish to suck the "penis" of her and her mother (vulgar word used). She says: The one who speaks here the others know it and I pass it through my ass. You want ass!!! Ohoho... let it stick the finger in its own ass! Without any respect for me she shows me her butt in underwear and moves it to make fun of me.

 I've witnessed terrifying acts I never thought I'd be involved in. This woman sleeps in front of me and keeps me in shock the few hours I'm in the room. She says cursing words to me in English and Spanish, sings, dances, laughs out loud to get my attention.) The audios are of high vulgar content and could be censored if I publish them. My cell phone camera is always ready to record and have evidence of the constant mental harassment I receive daily.

My financial situation

 The economic means that I currently have do not allow me to solve my housing problems. I was receiving alimony and my ex-husband in 2020 decided to reduce it illegally leaving me financially unable to rent an apartment. He used the pandemic as an excuse and moved out of the U.S.

 Since 2019 when I tried to rent an apartment, my search became a nightmare that I am still living. I was burned by corruption, abuse and terror renting a room, exhausted all my efforts to find justice and was ignored. I screamed for help by writing to many state and federal agencies not to get to the miserable situation of living as a homeless person, and I was not heard… AND I'M STILL NOT HEARD.






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