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MY MARRIED LIFE... A marriage that ended in adultery with one of my married friends who betrayed me. Here are the protagonists of this never-ending story. This testimony is supported by documents that prove everything I say.

 On 1983 I met Victor when he was the manager of Avianca Colombian airline in New York. I was working for Banco de Bogotá a Trust co. from a Colombia’s bank. In June 1984 our first son was born and in July 1985 we married. I was for Victor like his business card to support his professional imagen of a married man. I raised our 3 sons by myself, and I took care of the house due to his frequent business traveling. I had to give up my dreams as an author and choose my marriage over my books.

 In the year 2000 I met Ana, soon our friendship involved our family, and we joined parties and family events. I asked Ana to help me promote my book “The American Dream” through the Spanish Association where she was secretary. In 2001 the Association asked for the collaboration of Avianca to participate in an end-of-year event. On May 30, 2002, Victor left the house and moved to an apartment with Ana. On the tenancy application he states Ana as a wife and her son as his. On August 20, 2002, Ana divorced her husband.

On December 12, 2002, Victor stated to the court that the breakup of our marriage was for my bad relationship with his mother. He states that for years we had heated arguments initiated by me involving my relationship with his mother. He said I refused to allow her into our house and send money to her in Colombia. These arguments were increasing and there was no reason to continue living together. This is totally false. I did take care of his mother and lived with her despite the miserable life she gave me.

 In 2003 I became secretary of the Hispanic association along with Ana. I was blind not to see Victor and Ana cheating on me. On August 16, 2003, Victor married Ana in a Holy matrimony.  On September 18, 2003, we had our settlement of divorce. Our divorce became a family tragedy for me and our sons with a lot of miserable events. My lawyers asked me to give up the portion of the money I was entitled to in exchange for permanent ALIMONY. In 2005 Victor established businesses with large profits. Despite  that he started making motions, lying and deceiving the court to reduce/terminate my alimony but his attempts up to today date have been failed.

 On 2012 Victor and our sons knew my decision to move to New York. Suddenly my alimony was terminated, and I became homeless using my storage as a shelter. I called him to ask about the payment of my alimony and he told me that he had declared me dead/missing.  According to him he hired a lawyer, they put an Ad in a local NJ newspaper to find me. In view of the fact that I didn’t show up, they stopped my alimony. I went to court and Victor was ordered to deposit the money in less than 48 hours. I didn’t file charges against him. December 14, 2014, he said alimony has taken a tremendous toll on his life and his marriage to the extent that his wife threatened to divorce him. In 2019 Victor moved to Colombia to get away from the alimony.  In 2020 he used the pandemic to illegally reduce my alimony leading me in a financial hardship to rent an apartment and have court dates.

 In his most recent motion dated March 8, 2023, Victor defamed me to avoid alimony payments. He is taking information from my web pages where I express the miserable life I have in New York, so the court sees me as a corrupt person. He is making a wrong and false statement in my last housing case. He states that I currently have an open eviction case, in the Bronx County courts, in Washington, in New York. According to him, I have a pending case. All his arguments are false, I have never been evicted, on July 8, 2022, I moved from this place and the case is closed. What I post on my blog is backed by evidence. Victor is making a false story to create a bad image of me and the court rules in his favor.

 Victor also brought to court events that occurred in my teenage past. He says I tricked him by not telling him details of what happened in my adolescence. He is now using this information as a reason for our divorce, different from the one he gave in the judgment of divorce that was for arguments with his mother. He also claims that our marriage was a hoax even though I was a dedicated wife and mother. I will not give up and I will fight for this right until the last day of my life, which is when my ALIMONY ends.

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