Saturday, April 13, 2013


Bank of America lawyers asked to federal court to seal my case so the public would not have access to my personal information. They showed great concern for my privacy but they could invade my whole life and get information not even related to my case. The wanted dates and addresses of the schools I went in Colombia, information I could not recall. 

To my opinion the lawyers wanted to prevent the public learn about the abuse that I was victim. The most important for them was to cover the bank’s image. They never agreed that my case be handled by a trial jury for the same reason.

1- Letter to seal case July 08, 2011
2- Affidavit to seal documents 1
3- Affidavit to seal documents 2
4- Opinion to seal documents 1
5- Opinion to seal documents 2
6- Request to seal documents 1
7- Request to seal documents 2
8- Request to seal documents 3
9- Motion to seal documents    1
10- Motion to seal documents 2
11- Motion to seal documents 3
12- Motion to seal documents 4


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