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Feeling emotionally devastated by the bank I created a character and decided to protest against Bank of America. I choose to be a GHOST because this way I feel the DEAD and the LIFE appearing as a visible form. Many times people from the Bank had harassed, deceived, and mocked my protests. They have called the police accusing me of terrorist, dangerous, and member of Ku Klux Klan. Following police’s recommendations I changed white color of my costume and uncovered my face. I am using white and black.

I made 71 protests in New Jersey, from 2009 to 2010. I stopped my protests hopping I could keep a new job and to attend the lawsuit but the bank ruined this purpose. The attorneys brought the lawsuit to my new employment in violation of an agreement made in court that they won’t contact my new job if I provide them information. My protests are transparent, there is nothing to hide, and they are recorded chronologically. The inclement weather and sometimes medical conditions had prevented me to be constant on them. Now that I could sell my story I will do my best to beat any inconvenience.



My first protest: The Bank called the police on me. They tried to uncover my face but I turned against the wall without speaking. Finally I was left alone.

PROTEST # 3 NEWARK, NEW JERSEY November 21, 2009
I was overwhelming by the people surrounding me. This was a crazy corner where Bank of America was located. I met lot of people who stopped by me to support my protest. They were very generous offering me money but I did not accept it. This really was an excited experience.

One of the holiday messages from President Barak Obama had encouraged me to go to The White House. He gave comfort to the family of militaries serving overseas. I felt one of them; my son is in the Air Force. This protest was a great experience, with my white costume seemed an alive snow man and the children had fun watching me. Lot of people took pictures of me. They were inspired by my strength of being outside in a cold day. Unfortunately the weather conditions deteriorated my health; I could not hold the poster with my frozen hands and I collapsed onto the snow. The ambulance came to warm me up and couple hours later I was able to drive back home.


May 20 my Birthday. I choose this day to travel to Washington D.C. to do the Copy Right for my book FOUR YEARS OF A LIVING HELL AT BANK OF AMERICA. I felt grateful to the President for having responded to my letter of December 27, 2009 which I told him situation with the bank

 PROTEST#8 IN MY HEART July 19, 2010
I made my own protest remembering my military son.
My previous protest had burned my face and did not realize until the next day. I woke up with the marks of the safety pins that I used to hold the papers that decorated my mask. My body and soul were so exhausted that I didn't feel the heat burning me. I wondered how my son who was deployed in Iraq tolerates his heavy uniform with high temperatures.  I just prayed saying: Son, if God gives you life is because he knows that you can take care of it”

The manager of Bank of America harassed my protest. After reading my poster she tried to intimidate me calling the police. She accused me of being a member of the Ku Klux Klan threatening the bank. This was my last protest with a white costume. The police suggested I should change color. A local newspaper released a news article about my protest. A comment was made by Mr. T.J. Crawford, a spokesman from Bank of America, “Ms. Garzon is well within her right to protest as long as she’s not causing an inconvenience to clients.

The manager of this office filled me out with hope. She promised to call the head quarters of Bank of America to help me get a deal. She also told me that she will call me soon with an answer.  I gave her my personal information. Until today date I never received any calls from her.

PROTEST#36 Hispanic Parade of New Jersey Bergenline Ave Union City,NJ
October 3, 2010
I haven’t expected that this protest was too extraordinary. I had the opportunity to speak with the Senator from New Jersey and take a photo with him. I also met other political figures of great importance. I was impacted seeing the Colombian participation. People riding the carriages were looking at me very expressively. I hold two flags: the US and the Colombia, the countries I love.

I enjoyed this protest. The Caribbean spirit of the Dominican people made my day. The Dominican Republic is known for the creation of Merenge and others Caribbean rhythms. The people are passionate for their music and culture. Their happiness was very contagious.

I met the Evil, the manager who ruined my life. The first person who approached me as soon I started to protest was an elderly client of Ridgewood, my last employment at Bank of America. As soon she learned about the story she went inside the bank to tell the manager I was there. It was a big surprise for me to see this awful person again. I only had time to take a photo when she was returning to the office, I felt impacted by this horrible coincidence.
Protest # 4-4 it is the number of my years of hell
October 19, 2008 was the last day of my employment at Bank of America.
October 19, 2009 was the day I met the evil. I just hope this is the last time.
October 19, 2010 the Passaic County Sheriff Dept had signed an Affidavit of Service to Bank of America.

November 01, 2010
 It is the day of the Dead celebration. This is in connection with the Catholic holiday of “All Saints ‘Day”. This is my protest number 55, the number of my age. I always wanted to do this protest on a special place because I feel I had born on protest number 1. I have decided to go to Trenton New Jersey to the office of the Governor. I knew he would not see me, but I had hoped that someone will be notified him that I was in front of his building.

November 22, 2010
An elderly woman of 93-year-old tries to revive me in my protest. She tries to give me encouragement to lift the pieces of my broken heart. She was one of the supporters that have touched me most. She was the expression of strength, and love for the live. She said nobody grows old merely by living a number of years, we grow old by deserting our ideals.  She stays for long time telling me about her life, and the secrets to keep her mind young.

This is the most miserable protest I ever had. I was homeless desperate to have a place to live. I met some homeless. I just wondered how did this happen to them. Seeing others homeless make me realize that I am fortunate having books that I can sell and a story to tell. I tried to beat the low temperatures to do this protest. Unfortunately I ended at a Hospital with a frozen body. The hospital provided me a shelter but I was asked to throw out the books and the poster. I choose to keep the books over a warm night.

PROTEST#90 Broadway and Cedar St. Manhattan March 29, 2013
New York wows me! …lot of action… emotions …impressions… and luck!
GOOD FRIDAY, it is a celebration of Life over Death. For me is Death over Life. I listened mass, this comforted my devastated soul.

PROTEST # 91 171 St and Broadway, Washington Heights, Manhattan New York April 01, 2013
A manager from Bank of America touched my heart! I was excited when she told me she was working hard to attract the Hispanic community to the Bank and the image that I was giving with my protest ruined her efforts. It reminded me when I worked for the Bank with dedication and commitment. I understood her concerns and admired her loyalty for the work.

PROTEST# 93 210 Dyckman Street New York, NY 10040 April 04, 2013
Bank of America called me liar and it had hurt me a lot. This made me to pick up all the files of this case and made albums with legitimate evidence. I don’t want any doubt from people that follows me and support my protests. The concept of lying that the Bank has about me, put my mind and hands to work. With great passion I made albums that prove the veracity of my testimony.


1. 11/02/09 360 Essex St Hackensack NJ   Beginning of a nightmare
2. 11/20/09 Military Park, Train Station Newark NJ
3. 11/21/09 790 Broad St. Newark (1) NJ 
4. 12/24/09 The White House Washington D.C.
5. 05/20/10 The White House Washington D.C
6. 05/28/10 Elizabeth Ave Elizabeth NJ
7. 07/18/10 Foschini   Park Hackensack NJ
8. 07/19/10 Heart and Soul Me
9. 07/25/10 Northern Bvld 85 St Queens NY   
10. 08/06/10 Valley Rd up Montclair NJ                    
11. 08/13/10 Franklin Av& continental Belleville   NJ         
12. 08/18/10 Clifton Ave &James Pl Clifton NJ
13. 08/20/10 Bergenline 48 Mi Banco  (1) Union City NJ
14. 08/26/10 Kennedy Bvd & Commpw Jersey City NJ
15. 08/27/10 Botany pl Pathmark center Clifton, NJ     
16. 08/30/10 Main St &South day Orange NJ             
17. 09/01/10 Springfield & Prospect Maplewood NJ     
18. 09/02/10 Broad St    Elizabeth (1) NJ                    
19. 09/04/10 Bergenline 48 Mi Banco  (2) Union City NJ   
20. 09/07/10 Broad St & Market Newark (2) NJ   
21. 09/09/10 River Edge Pathmark Hackensack NJ
22. 09/10/10 Kearny Av & Bergen Kearny NJ
23. 09/11/10 Bergenline 48 Mi Banco(3) Union City
24. 09/13/10 Maplewood & In wood Maplewood NJ
25. 9/15/10 Springfield Ave & Sharon Irvington NJ
26. 09/16/10 North Ave & Newark Elizabeth NJ
27. 09/17/10 E Main Av & Arch Ramsey NJ
28. 09/18/10 Bergenline 48 Mi Banco(4) Union City NJ
29. 09/20/10 Broad St & Market Newark(3) NJ
30. 09/22/10 Pavonia & Washington Av Jersey City
31. 09/23/10 Bloomfield & Glenridge Av Montclair NJ
32. 09/24/10 Jefferson Av & E Grant Elizabeth NJ
33. 09/25/10 Bergenline 48 Mi Banco(5) Union City                                                    
34. 09/29/10 Main St & High Orange NJ      
35. 10/02/10 Bergenline 48 mi Banco(6) Union City NJ
36. 10/03/10 Hispanic parade Union City excited,
37. 10/07/10 South Orange So, Orange NJ            
38. 10/09/10 Bergenline 48 Mi Banco  (7) Unión City NJ
39. 10/11/10 Bergenline 31 Mi Idol Place (1) Union City NJ
40. 10/13/10 Broad St. & Market Newark (4) NJ
41. 10/16/10 Bergenline 48 Mi Banco  (8) Union City NJ
42. 10/17/10 Bergenline 48 Dominican Parade” Union City
43. 10/18/10 Bergenline 31 Idol Place (2) Union City NJ
44. 10/19/10 Park Ave Hillsdale, NJ                Devilish
45. 10/20/10 Bergenline 31Idol Place  (3) Union City NJ
46. 10/21/10 Dr. MLKing Orange, NJ
47. 10/22/10 Bergenline 48 Mi Banco  (9) Union City NJ
48. 10/23/19 Bergenline Mi Banco  (10) Union City NJ
49. 10/25/10 Bergenline 31 idol Place (4) Union City
50. 10/26/10 Broad St. Newark (5) NJ 
51. 10/28/10 Bergenline 31Idol Place (5) Union City, NJ
52. 10/29/10 Bergenline 48 Mi Banco (11) Union City, NJ
53. 10/30/10 Bergenline 48 Mi Banco (12) Union City, NJ
54. 10/31/10 Bergenline 48 Mi Banco (13) Halloween
55. 11/01/10 NJ Governor’s Office, Trenton NJ
56. 11/02/10 Bergenline 31 Idol Place (6) Union City NJ
57. 11/03/10 Broad St Elizabeth (5) NJ       
58. 11/06/10 Bergenline 48 Mi  Banco (14)
59. 11/09/10 Bergenline 31 Idol Place (7) Union City NJ
60. 11/10/10 Broad St.  & Market, Newark (6) NJ                                  
61. 11/11/10 Bergenline 31 Idol Place (8) Union City NJ
62. 11/12/10 Bergenline 31 Idol Place (9) Union City NJ
63. 11/13/10 Bergenline 48 Mi Banco  (15) Union City NJ
64. 11/15/10 Bergenline 31 Idol Place (10) Union City NJ
65. 11/18/10 Bergenline 31 Idol Place (11) Union City NJ
66. 11/19/10 Bergenline 48 Mi Banco (16) Union City
67. 11/20/10 Bergenline 48 Mi Banco (17) Unión City  
68. 11/22/10 Bergenline 32 Idol Place (12) Union City
69. 11/27/10 Bergenline 48 Mi Banco (18) Union City
70. 12/03/10 Bergenline 32 Idol Place (19) Union City
71. 12/04/10 Bergenline 48 Mi Banco (19) Union City
72. 10/16/12 37-41 82 St. Jackson Heights, New York
73. 10/17/12 37-41 82 St. Jackson Heights, New York
74. 10/18.12 37-41 82 St. Jackson Heights, New York
75. 10/25/12 74 St Roosevelt Ave Jackson H, New York
76. 10/26/12 74 St Roosevelt Ave Jackson H, New York                                           
77. 10/27/12 Junction Blvd Jackson H, New York
78. 11/12/12 10726 Continental Ave Forest Hills, New York
79. 11/14/12 241 S Conduit Ave Rosedale, New York
80. 11/15/12 10726 Continental Ave Forest Hills, New York
81. 11/16/12 10726 Continental Ave Forest Hills, New York
82. 11/19/12 3181 Steinway St Astoria, New York
83. 11/20/12 3181 Steinway St Astoria, New York
84. 11/23/12 Greenpoint Ave Sunnyside, New York
85. 11/24/12 Greenpoint Ave Sunnyside, New York
86. 11/28/12 2410 Jackson Ave, Long Island City New York
87. 02/06/13 69 Street Broadway, New York Hospital
88. 03/27/13 Broadway & Cedar St Business District, New York
89. 03/28/13 Broadway & Cedar St Business District, New York
90. 03/29/13 Broadway & Cedar St Business District, New York (Good Friday)
91. 04/01/13 171 St Broadway Washington Heights, New York
92. 04/02/13 171 St Broadway Washington Heights, New York
93 .04/0413 210 Dyckman St (200st) Washington Heights, New York (Lair)
94. 04/05/13 210 Dyckman St (200st) Washington Heights, New York

protest # 1
 ...My SHROUD.

Protest # 3

Protest$ 4

Protest# 5

Protest # 8

Protest #10

Protest # 16

Protest# 36
Protest# 36

Protest # 36

Protest# 42

Protest 44 ...The Evil
Protest# 44 The Evil

Protest # 55

Protest# 68

Protest # 87

Protest # 90

Protest# 91

Protest# 93

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