Saturday, April 13, 2013


I was in shock when the manager of Ridgewood office of Bank America told me I could not seat while working. She always states that the policy of the bank is not to let the employees to sit. I provided medical letters from doctors that had performed surgeries on my legs but she not even wanted to receive it. My personal physician also sent her letter asking for consideration to my medical conditions but she had ignored.

The surgery of my right knee was close in time with the surgery of my left leg. It made hard for me to work standing. Many times, I went to the doctors in tears asking for help but they could not do much more than give me medical letters to present to her. She also prohibited me to park my car by the building’s parking lot. I needed to go couples blocks away to find a parking. Due to the discomfort while walking my personal doctor help me to get a Disable ID so I can park in handicap spaces.  I have lot of medical history to be granted a chair to sit while working.

1- Knee surgery October 04, 2007
2- Ridgewood Orthopedic asking for a chair letter March 31, 2008
3- Dr. P Sabater (personal Dr) askin for a chair letter January 30, 2008
4- Ridgewood Orthopedic report, September 05, 2008
5- Ridgewood Orthopedic report, March 31, 2008
6- Ridgewood Orthopedic report, October 17, 2008
7- Dr. Nazmi Elrabie surgery August 15, 2008
8- Dr. Nazmii Elrabie, asking for treatment October 06, 2012
9- Ridgewood Orthopedic, medical absence September 05, 2008
10- Ridgewood Orthopedic, asking for a chair October 21, 2008
11- Physical therapy, September 05, 2008
12- St. Joseph Hospital NJ surgery report October 15, 2008
13- Aetna Ins. Treatment letter September 9, 2008
14- Aetna Ins. Surgery August 11, 2008
15- Surgery, July 16, 1990
16- Surgery, September 7, 2000
17- Surgery, May 21, 2002
18- Disable Id
19- The Valley Hospital report

 I was not allowed to park by the bank parking lot


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