Saturday, April 13, 2013

ALBUM # 7 CIVIL COURT 2010-2011

On March 29, 2011 I have 21 minutes of conversation with the attorneys of Bank of America and the mediator appointed from the civil court.  From the beginning I had good impression of the mediator. He was an attorney that had being working in job matters. The mediator tried to make sure I understand the court procedures; he explained to me what a discovery means. They agreed that a deposition was important before go to Mediation. The mediator wanted this happen soon so this way we can get a Mediation day and try to settle the case.

The attorney of bank of America was concerned about time more than have a settlement. The mediator wanted a deposition soon but the attorney decided to be April 29, 2011. When the mediator asked about date of Mediation the attorney replies she would like to push it for some time in June this way they have more time. The last conversation with the mediation was a surprise for both of us. The attorneys decided to removal the case from a civil court to a Federal court. This way they had time to prolong the case and RUIN MORE MY LIFE.

1- Opening Civil court October 06,2010
2- Court response
3- Bank response
4-Court date of May 26, 2011
5- Court date of June 28, 2011
6-Confirming court date of July 06, 2011
7-Court date of July 6, 2011
8- Response to Defendant 1
9- Response to Defendant 2
10- Response to Defendant 3
11- Response to Defendant 4
12- Response to Defendant 5
13- Affirmative Defense 1
14- Affirmative Defense 2
15- Affirmative Defense 3
16- Affirmative Defense 4
17- Affirmative Defense 5
18- Affirmative Defense 6
19- Affirmative Defense 7
20- Affirmative Defense 8
21- Affirmative Defense 9
22- Affirmative Defense 10
23- Mediation info 1
24-Mediation 2
25- Mediation 3


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