Saturday, April 13, 2013


Medical invasion…

For almost two years my medical privacy was invaded by the attorneys of Bank of America. Each request they sent to my medical providers produced lot of information.  This included my gynecological Cytology pap report, urinalysis, mammogram etc. etc.  They did a complete investigation of how my body works through surgeries and illness. They became my Medical data bank.

1- Ridgewood Orthopedic, New Jersey
2- Memorial Hospital, Florida
3- Dr. Aleyda Borge, Florida
4- Orthopedic, Florida
5- St. Joseph Hospital, New Jersey
6- The Valley Hospital emergency June 01, 2011
7- The Valley Hospital emergency June 13. 2011
8- The Valley Hospital emergency July 12, 2012
9- Nazmi Elrabie, New Jersey
10- Cornell Surgical, New Jersey
11- Alliance Therapy, New Jersey


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