Saturday, April 13, 2013


On December 20, 2011 I had a conference call with the judge and the attorneys of Bank of America. This date the attorneys wanted to close the case, they say I refused to answer their questions on deposition of April 29, 2011.The judge asked what their questions were. I told the judge that the attorney wanted to know how I entered to United States. I believe this information concerns only to emigration Department. I am American Citizen since 1987. They also wanted details of my new employment. I felt their intentions to jeopardize my new job and refused to put it in risk. The judge gives a court day for February 14, 2012 but the attorneys changed the date.  The new date was February 21, but it was changed to February 23 which later was changed to February 24, 2012. The judge did not allow further changes of court date.
1- Court date, January 11, 2012
2-- Court date, February 21, 2012
3- Court date, February 23, 2012
4- Court date, February 24, 2012
5-- Reset hearing
6-- Attorney’s letter January 2012
7- Joint Discovery Plan page 1
8- Joint Discovery Plan page 2
9- Joint Discovery Plan page 3
10- Joint Discovery Plan page 4
11- Joint Discovery Plan page 5
12- Joint Discovery Plan page 6
13- Joint Discovery Plan page 7
14- Certificate of Service, January 06, 2012
15- Order Joint Discovery
16- Responding to Attorneys


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