Saturday, April 13, 2013


I spent a whole day being harassed by the lawyers of Bank of America. 228 pages were produced from this deposition.  They took the opportunity to invade my entire life. More than an interview was a humiliation to me as a human being.  Most of the questions were not related to the case I have with the Bank.

They insisted to know how I entered to United States, question that was repeated in intervals of time. They make reference to the book I wrote about the American dream, where the protagonist lives a hell to make her home in the United States. They wonder if I was that person. They don’t care I was a American Citizen when I started working for the bank. Another key question was about my new employment. They wanted to know the name, telephone and address of my manager. Their malicious intentions were obvious and I did not respond.

This day I ate nothing, I lost a day of work. I felt intimidated by the lawyers who scrutinized my personal life as if I were a criminal.

1- Civil case orders
2- Court date 3/29/11
3- Deposition
4- Deposition about my sons, mail box etc. page 6-9
5- Deposition about my resume employments back to 1984 pages 22-25
6- Deposition about relocating in Florida pages 26-29
7- Deposition about Florida and bank’s merging names pages 30-33
8- Deposition about Ridgewood manager pages 102-105
9- Deposition about Ridgewood manager pages 118-121
10- Deposition about TD bank pages 198-201
11-Deposition about TD bank, unemployment pages 202-205
12- Deposition about emigration status pages 218-221
13- Deposition ends pages 226-228

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